Friday, August 19, 2011

Terry Hallman Died Kharkov 2011

Terry Hallman a heavy smoker, an alcoholic and a man in ill heath died in Kharkov August 18, 2011. He died of natural causes.

A heavy smoker and drinker his demise was expected.

His legacy being a series of self promotion and lies.  He first came to Ukraine first looking for a wife and adopted a persona of being a civil rights activist and economist, falsely claiming he was a close associate to Bill Clinton.  (Bill Clinton's Office has no knowledge or awareness of him). He also claimed that he was a pioneer in People's Banks - Something he did not get a Nobel prise for.

A con artists, narcissist and self deluded.


Friday, May 06, 2011

Will Ukraine become Mr Hallman's third state he is expelled from?

More examples of the sort of non professional abuse espoused by Mr Terry Hallman (AKA US Expat) in a public forum.  How long will the authorities continues to allow Mr Hallman to illegally resident in Ukraine? In theroy he is suspossed to leave Ukraine every three months.  He certainly has no work entilements and his business visa is based on false statements.

Now his drunken crude abuse is aimed at the IMF?

Re: Analysts challenge the existence of political future for the “line-crossers” from Chernovetsky Bloc fraction (30 April 2011 | 12:31)
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Date: May 2, 2011 09:10PM

It makes no difference whatsoever now. Ukraine is 100% lawless, held together by brute force.

At least Kyivistas have to get on their knees and blow IMF.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hallman: US government owes me 10 million dollars

In another example of delusion and psychosis US Expat (Alias Terry Hallman) claims  the US Government owes him 10's of millions of dollars in stolen intellectual property.

Re: WikiLeaks
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Date: December 11, 2010 01:58AM
The Law of Unintended Consequences

The New York Times reports the justice [sic] department is considering ways to indict Julian Assange beyond the espionage act [which doesn't apply to Assange anyway -- ed.]

Other possible offenses under consideration include conspiracy or trafficking in stolen property.

Let it be so.

What stolen property? Intellectual property. If US govt. pursues that route, that will create a domino effect requiring US govt. to pay for stolen properties they themselves have been using and abusing for years. For one merely convenient example, and this is anything but unique, they will immediately owe yours' truly a big, fat lump sum in the tens of millions of dollars.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Terry's ashamed aunt from North Carolina

Terry's ashamed aunt from North Carolina says:

Well, well, well Terry. What have you done now? Looks to me like the Ukraine doesn’t want you son. And no, Terry never knew Former President Bill Clinton. He’ll say something like “how do YOU know?” Well, I’m your aunt and I know. You don’t know anyone of any importance in the United States except your family and we’re just plain country folk, just like YOU. Just average, ordinary, middle class working people.

What is wrong with Terry you all is that he’s extremely smart BUT he doesn’t use his brain for GOOD. Like a master jewel thief. VERY good at what he does but that doesn’t make it RIGHT.

Someone said before that Terry is paranoid. I believe that may be the case. He IS frightening, even to us, his family. He calls his 79 year old mother, a perfect Christian woman, yelling at her to send him money for one thing or another. All lies we’ve learned. He called his baby sister, who ADORED their father on the day of his death and begun telling her how HAPPY he was that their father was dead. She disowned him that day. He gave his father a penny on his and his mother’s 50th anniversary and said,”Here. This is all I have and it’s all you’re worth to me.”

This is how he treats his own flesh and blood. Why would you ever think he would care about helping anyone else? He is a con man and a liar. He wouldn’t WORK in a pie factory tasting pies. As a matter of fact, as long as he’s been alive, nearly 59 years now, I don’t think he’s held down a job for more than a few consecutive weeks, and THEN only to get enough money to return to your lovely country.

Well God bless you all and for your own sakes, just disregard any of his rants and raves and craziness. He’s, as his family says, the stupidest smart person on earth.

Hallman falls foul of the law

Terry Hallman, illegal immigrant and tax avoider has come under scrutiny and review by Ukrainian authorities.

Hallman has been living in Ukraine illegally and ill soon be caught out when he is forced to leave the country.  He has already been expelled from two other countries (Russia and the UK).  He claims he is a "business man" yet investigations have revealed that he has no office, no investments and no assets. His "business" People Centered Economic Development" is a to big company in name alone. No tax records exist. The Ukrainian authorities have decided to keep a watching brief on him.  No doubt  when Hallman is expelled he will claim he is a victim of corruption and that Ukraine is trying to silence him.  The fact is he is nothing but a boomsh and a self appointed "activist".  It far from the truth.  Even his own family have disowned him as was revelled in a recent comment left on this site.


Kharkov tax cops invited me to spend $6500 at once or go to jail. Moskovsky district.

uck you" is evidently a commonly understood foreign language phrase.

Gagarina metro cops soon after invited me to leave an outdoor cafe and go with them, for free! "No, thank you" was my reply.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hallman seeking verification of experts evidence

In an extraordinary tale of "do as I say not what I do" US Citizen Terry Hallman, who is illegally living in Ukraine pretending to be an "expert and director of a successful international economic development " company operating in Ukraine, has questioned the credentials of political experts in Ukraine.

We have been asking the same question of Mr Hallman and his partner Jeff Mowatt in relation to independent referees to their claimed business success, associations and involvement but have had no response other then lies, abuse and avoidance.  A letter from Bill Clinton, who Hallman claims is a close associate, would be a start?

Well Mr Hallman now is your chance to come clean and admit what all who know you already know.

Extract of blog comments:

Experts generally agree that a presidential system is worse than a parliamentary one, but they also agree that a mixed presidential-parliamentary system such as Ukraine’s is by far the worst.

Which experts? Who, exactly?
Is there a need for experts to be depicted?

Yes. It is incumbent upon the author claiming the existence of alleged experts to identify them. Otherwise, it's merely "they" who said something. That tactic is a combination of logical fallacies:

1 - begging the question: the conclusion is true because the conclusion is true, therefore the conclusion is true.

2 - straw man argument: stating postulate as fact without proof of the fact, then challenging refutation of the unproven postulate masquerading per the author's design as "fact."

Moreover, the author's claim in that regard isn't aimed only at Ukraine. It's aimed at every presidential/parliamentary government in the world. For such an audacious claim, surely he should be able to provide some evidence more than unnamed "they" said so.