Saturday, January 01, 2000


Terry Hallman , Jeff Mowatt and others associated with them have been trying to censor comments critical of their company's activities in order to avoid accountability and scrutiny.

As such we have set up a blog recording a number of inconsistencies in Mr Hallman and his company, People-Centered Economic Development (P-CED), unsupported statements and claims.

Our investigation commenced following the publication of an interview with Mr Hallman and his reckless and unsupported allegations that Ukrainian orphanages are 'Death Camps for Children'.
All of our investigations to date have been negative and do not support statements made by Mr Hallman about his achievements and past activities.

We continue to hold the view that a lot of what Mr Hallman claims are exaggerated and embellished beyond belief.

We are not engaged in a campaign of hate as some of Mr Hallman associates claim. we do not hate him. we are seeking the answers to uncover the truth behind Mr Hallman statements and political activities in Ukraine

Of particular concern to us is the impression given by Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt in relation to their corporate identity as a means of establishing credibility. Mr Hallman refers to himself as a director of an International Economic development company (P-CED). Our investigation has revelled that his company is what is commonly referred to as a $2.00 shelf company.

Neither Mr Hallman or Jeff Mowatt have any offices, assets or any capital investment in Ukraine. P-CED is nothing More then a computer, a business card and a rubber stamp. The past successes claimed by Mr Hallman do not scrub up to basic scrutiny and we were unable to find independent referees who were able to support Mr Hallmans claims, including his claim to have close working relationships with the former US President Bill Clinton.

We advise anyone considering doing business with Mr Hallman and his company to seek independent assessment, review and references to back up their claims.