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USAID - reply to our enquiry re: Mr. Terry Hallman (P-CED)

We wrote to USAid to seek verification of his claim related to the Tomsk and Crimean projects.

Attached below is a copy of the reply we have received form USAID in relation to Mr Terry Hallman and P-CED.

Every enquiry we have made in regards to Terry Hallman comes up negative. (Including Bill Clintons office)


----- Original Message ----- Cc: Public Inquiries (LPA) (USAID)
Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 9:02 PM
Subject: Mr. Terry Hallman

Dear Online-Editor

USAID is not familiar with Mr. Hallman and he is not, nor to our knowledge has ever been, an employee or grant recipient of USAID. I hope this addresses your concern.


Aleksandra Braginski
Team Leader, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus Desk
Bureau for Europe and Eurasia, Room 5.6-157
US Agency for International Development

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jacob Corresponds with Leyla about Hallman

From: "Jacob Smith"
To: "leyla akhundova"
Subject: Re: Fwd: Pavlenko letter
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 16:47:29 -0400


Keep in mind - the tax is just a small part of it.

The primary aim of this company is to secure "public" money for their
projects, which involve a myriad of private enterprises, including this
"Wi-Max" enterprise they have also posted about - an initiative brought on
by Jeff Mowatt.

They will use portions of this public money to pay themselves salaries as
officers on this company.

That is the primary "motus operandi".

There is nothing wrong with this, in principal. This is, after all, how
all charitable organizations work - one cannot devote one's life to
working for no pay!

Yet - the telling thing here - these people have no "track record" at all
- they have never done one single project of substance - they have only
written paper's with the hope of securing funding - funding they have
never gotten because they have yet to prove the ability to actually carry
out these projects.

The concept of "micro-finance" is a very good concept - it allows people
who otherwise would not qualify for a loan, financially, to secure a loan
if they have a good plan for business. This is essential to get the
"small-business person "on their feet" in Ukraine".

Yet while P-CED tries to claim experience in this field - with vague
statements on their web page - they have in fact not done one single thing
past writing reports and proposals - they have never actually implemented
or managed such an undertaking.

As it is - the statement made on their web site that Terry Hallman "came
up with the idea and after reporting it to President Clinton it was
adopted" - as is purported by their representation of it - could never
actually be verified.

The only thing that is REALLY true - is that this company has never done
anything past publishing plans, proposals, and papers - all tageting
public funding that they have never gotten.

Thus - the latest "cause", the Death Camps.


Setting the record straight (for-ua) Open letter to Yuri Pavlenko, Ministry of Youth, Family, and Sports Affairs, Kyiv Ukraine

What do you make of Hallman's letter to the Minister?

It is extrodinary to say the lest. Mr Hallman claims to have "infulence" over the American government foriegn aid funding allocation. We can not find one piece of evidence that supports his claims and his so call business activities on the internet except what he and his associates have published. Not one. web site has no mention of him or his company. There is no mention either related to his involvement in Tomsk.

Strange very strange. And this letter claims he has evidence but at the same time he is asking the Minister to appoint him as a investigator.. of sorts. We are not sure if this letter has been sent but if it has... What's your take...

Setting the record straight

Posted by: Terry Hallman US expat
Date: September 24, 2006 10:26PM

Setting the record straight -- 1
Following is a copy of a ltter sent to to Yuri Pavlenko first published on but has since been removed.:

Honorable Yuri Pavlenko
Ministry of Youth, Family, and Sports Affairs
Kyiv, Ukraine

23 September 2006

Dear Mr. Pavlenko,
I am writing this out of concern for children in Ukraine's state institutional care. Please understand from the beginning, I am a friend. At the same time, some of what I have to say here is troubling and could possibly be perceived as not in the spirit of friendship. It is my interest to arrange to work closely with your ministry and US government, and any other governments that might be interested, to create greatest possible assistance and help for all of these children.

I am a US citizen and director of a non-governmental organization in Ukraine focused on social welfare in Ukraine. US government usually listens very carefully to my ideas and proposals. What I discuss with you here will be duly discussed with US government. It is first necessary to discuss issues with you.

To get directly to the point, Ukraine has a very serious problem with many children in state institutional care, specifically in internats/orphanages that have been described as death camps. This is a very, very serious matter that was not addressed by previous government in Ukraine prior to the revolution. I am concerned that this might escape your notice and care now.

The claim of death camps for children comes from various researchers throughout the former Soviet Union, including specifically very recent researchers and humanitarians in Ukraine. This problem is not unique to Ukraine, but it does exist in Ukraine. I have no doubt about this. In fact, with your permission and authority, I can and will go to internats in question, take photos, and show you.

I request your cooperation in doing so.

Surrounding these internats is some sort of conspiracy of secrecy. Researchers mentioned above were sworn to secrecy prior to being allowed into such internats, or else they would not be allowed in to try and help the children there. They were also told that if they revealed the location(s) publicly, they would not be allowed to returned and no further aid to dying children would be permitted. The conditions they described to me are horrific. Somewhere between your office and individual directors of various internats, there are people who have motivation to block information about the truth and reality of these internats. In other words, there is a cover-up going on, and innocent children are dying as a result.

Innocent children are dying, Mr. Pavlenko. In one internat that I know of fairly well, and I can't say where because of the secrecy imposed on researchers and aid workers who discussed this with me, part of the job of internat workers is to dig graves for dead children.

There is no good reason and no excuse for this in a civilized country. I understand very well the harsh limitations and lack of concern from previous government, but now it is time to help these children – not ignore them and maintain harsh secrecy about their very existence. The problem may now be so bad that it will be very, very expensive to fix it and get these children to safety. That does not mean it can't be done.

I am willing, and almost surely able, to persuade US government to help with funding if funding is needed. I want to help get 100% of children currently in Ukraine's orphanages and internats into small group homes, foster families, and adoptive families within Ukraine. By my estimation, that could easily cost $800 million in the first year, and $325 million per year after year one. I believe US government and perhaps other governments will be willing to help, but only if the problem is clear. That means going to the various internats where children are dying, taking photographs, and showing them. This will get people interested in helping with what is otherwise an invisible problem. It is invisible, but that does not mean it is unknown. Many people already know of this reality, and we are wondering why Ukraine maintains even today so much secrecy about it? It is not a big secret, plenty of people know, so it's more like Ukraine is trying to keep secret what thousands of people already know about. Moreover, if this secrecy is maintained, there is no reason to believe that aid will get to these children, even if hundreds of millions of dollars become available. Further, secrecy in and of itself is extremely suspicious, and would seem to suggest possible corruption and therefore diversion of any funding intended only to help the children.

I am sure I can create a joint Ukraine/US project to help all of these children, not only the children in worst internats, but all children in all orphanages and internats. To do this, I simply need your help and cooperation so that I can get past the secrecy, get photos, and immediately get emergency assistance to the most desperate conditions. I think it will be quite difficult to get such assistance, especially involving large amounts of money and resources, without clear evidence to show the situation and get past the secrecy.

This secrecy is deeply disturbing, and is costing children their lives for no other reason than secrecy itself. Surely you understand that this cannot continue in a civilized country. Again, these internats are not secret, but certain people somewhere along the line continue to try and perpetuate a secret that is no longer secret. The larger questions are these: who is doing this, and why are they doing it?

In any case, this issue will not go away, and if anything can only get worse for Ukraine's reputation at a time when Ukraine certainly does not need and cannot afford such glaring examples of human abuse of her own citizens – children, Mr. Pavlenko. Little children. To say that this is an outrage does not even begin to describe it. There are no words for this, none at all. It is another Holodomor, in this century, this time especially for children. It cannot continue, cannot be allowed under any conceivable norms of human conscience and decency.

I thank my friends in Ukrainian media for translating this letter and getting it to you, and I thank them for their deep concern in this matter. I hope to hear from you soon, and will meet with you at your convenience.

Terry Hallman (P-CED)

Note: Mr Terry Hallman has not provided any evidence backing up his allegations that Ukrainain Orhanages are Death Camps for Children and that they are deliberatly enged in the murder and execution of children has not been published.
We understand that the editors of have forwarded the above letter to the Minsiter who was interviewed by For-ua on October 6, 2006

For-ua Editor responds - Terry Hallman's Death Camps for Children post removed from website

ForUm on the Ukraine's Death Camps for Children thread
Posted by: l.a. (IP Logged) • Posts: 225
Date: September 24, 2006 08:24AM

First and foremost I wish to say that the Forum on ForUm is a public open forum for discussions about affairs of different kinds. It is not aimed at promotion of anyone's interests or products. The information posted here may not be used as competent and serious evidence in any sort of affairs as far as it is not backed by additional non-virtual evidences.
Secondly, ForUm editorial staff tolerates existence of any information posted in the Forum section until it does not breach the Forum's rules:

1. Use the English language only, NO transliteration
2. Do not use the obscene language
3. Open and unconcealed advertisement is prohibited

Taking into account that social welfare in Ukraine is in very bad conditions (lack of financial aid for kindergartens, orphanages and schools, low paid specialists within the educational sphere etc.), ForUm's editorial staff regarded the existence of the Ukraine's Death Camps for Children thread admissible and waited for Terry Hallman, an author of the thread, to provide the evidences for his allegations or at least revealed the very address of this "death camp." ForUm's editorial staff protected Terry Hallman and gave him an opportunity to voice his views in the Forum and in the Analytics section as the matter of his concern is the very important issue for every civilized citizen in Ukraine – care for Ukrainian orphans. Foreigners used to help Ukrainian orphanages and his aspirations had been regarded as sincere ones. Moreover, ForUm's editorial staff had checked the internet (as the only source available) and found nothing discrediting the very person.
After Hallman's sharp attack on user klapa, as a moderator I was astonished at his behavior. I decided to investigate the very subject of the previous allegations made by pro-humane and Ukr2006/Freespeech. I used the same source the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, I have found lots of information proving that the Death Camp thread is used as promotional campaign:
Jeff.Mowatt - Jun 1, 2006 11:31 pm (#40 Total: 48)
RE: Social Worker seeking to develop an independent social entrepreneurial consulting practice

Hi Lawrence,

Noesis is a UK based consultancy isn't it? If this is the case then the most obvious form of incorporation is the CIC which may be registered with our without shares.

I've been aiming in a similar direction with my software business over the last few years and recently decided, following the death of a colleague, rather than any social enterprise specific structure, that I'd split the revenue between two businesses. One maintaining the UK sales and consultancy effort, with the maintainance and support operation donated to to another operating as an overseas social enterprise. Prior to this I'd been sponsoring the social enterprise from my taxed income.

So hopefully, what I've done will expand the business activity and also release me from the constraint of being on call for support work. Given the disparity in income standards between here and the country of operation, the support revenue which could barely justify a minimum wage for one person here, will support 3 people and fund operations for the target operation, namely exposing Death Camps for Children in Ukraine which I promote unashamedly here because we really need to bring some media attention to this issue and very few are listening.

Jeff Mowatt P-CED
The comment's permanent address is []

In conclusion, as a moderator of the Forum, I will delete the thread on Monday.
The Forum is not a place for anyone's promotional campaign even if it is oriented on charity. I will go on with this subject the next week I and my Ukrainian colleague are to meet Ukrainian authorities and ask them to check the information about conditions in the orphanages.

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WiMax - Profit from Poverty Strategy

Proposal for National Poverty Relief and
Microeconomic Development Initiative

WiMax Internet Service Provider Network – Ukraine

Strategy Plan

We stand in the face of a rare opportunity: the advancement of Ukraine as a democratic state.

The opportunity is rare because there are no better or clearer examples of emerging democracy anywhere in the world. There are no more visible demonstrations than the Orange Revolution a year ago. The people of Ukraine made very clear what most of them want. There were and are
more citizens in favor of the revolution than voting and opinion polls indicate, given that it was about cleaning up Ukraine, getting rid of corruption, and improving overall standards of living. Millions of Ukrainians rose up all over Ukraine and demonstrated for weeks to demand those changes and made Ukraine an international leader in democracy.

Ukraine needs help to complete the transition stage from old to new. The hard part is already finished, that having been the mass demonstrations by millions of Ukrainians for weeks. This direction was chosen by Ukrainian citizens of their own free will en masse, who decided to take on the ultimate responsibility to change their own country.

Most importantly, this was all done peacefully for the most part, with both citizen action groups and state officers managing to bring violent provocateurs under control.

This is the time for friends to step in and help, invited. This help is welcomed and appreciated by the vast majority of Ukrainian citizens, regardless of their presumed political orientations. It is also time to highlight, promote and support a rare example of civilized democracy born in the international spotlight at citizen level through peaceful means.

President Yushchenko identified poverty relief as one of his first and most immediate goals. This is no small consideration, given that at least 25% of Ukrainians live in poverty. Relieving poverty is not only a social and humanitarian concern. It is also smart economics and
good public policy.

People suffering poverty require social support from government funds. With at least a quarter of Ukraine's population needing such support, this represents an enormous cost to the national budget. This in turn directly reduces money available to pay state workers' salaries, which in
turn creates a need for workers to take in extra money somehow. This breeds bribery and corruption; corruption has been the primary limiting factor for Ukraine's economic, social, and political development. Thus poverty has a formidable negative impact nationwide. It feeds a vicious negative cycle.

Poverty also places a heavy load on public services, especially medical care and child care. Poverty breeds hopelessness, despair, and anger. Poverty breeds contempt and cynicism, antithetical to a healthy person or nation. Worst of all, poverty leaves people with a sense of
abandonment, a sense that they're not important, they are ignored, and they have been left to suffer and die.

The natural human instinct at that point is self-defense. Harming someone else is less relevant when acting from self-defense posture. Consequently, it comes as no surprise to see higher crime rates in regions of poverty. Terrorist activity usually arises from regions with high
poverty. Desperation breeds attitudes and behavior that wouldn't likelv happen otherwise. Poverty is torturous trap. It proves to be very dangerous for the larger community as well.

The core objective of this project is poverty relief. Methodologies are represented by three main components: national microeconomic development; national child-care reform; national rural
communications initiative. Funding is proposed to be a joint venture of the governments of Ukraine and United States of America.


This proposal began three years ago, with release of a preliminary proposal for microeconomic development in Crimea.1 That proposal was paused at the author's request due to corruption issues within Crimea's government. Since that time, Ukraine has undertaken historical efforts to reduce corruption. Corruption has been the fundamental barrier to economic development in Ukraine.

In Crimea, it was clear that development could not possibly happen in any significant way while the government acted mainly as gatekeepers, holding hostage the welfare of ordinary Ukrainians by resisting development unless government bosses were first paid privately and
directly. Otherwise, those officials had absolutely no interest or intention of helping and improving the lives of ordinary citizens. Traveling from one end of Crimea to the other, the obvious economic potential of Crimea stood in stark contrast to widespread poverty. This was a direct result of corrupt government across the region. With transparent, honest, citizen-focused
government in Crimea, the scope for economic transformation is enormous. Crimea should be one of the most prosperous oblasts in Ukraine rather than one of the poorest. Poverty is a direct result of corrupt government officials in office only for the purpose of enriching themselves and a few allies.

The Crimean Tatar community have been particularly damaged by entrenched corruption. As an additional burden, they are subject to strong negative bias against them by ethnic Russians who now own property wrongfully expropriated from Crimea's Tatars and given to Russians by Stalin sixty years ago.

There is one development strategy that is sure to work in Crimea, and that is the strategy outlined in the 2003 proposal. That strategy has been tested and proved in Tomsk, Russia over the past five years. Thousands of people, mostly women with children, have taken loans to create small businesses. 99% of loans were repaid on time and 98% of businesses continue. Microfinance capitalization increased from $6 million to $10 million during the first two years of
operation due to the program's success. The program was self-sustaining after two years. The lives of tens of thousands of people in a city of 700,000 people and an oblast of one million people have been improved economically and socially: more families are able to remain intact and whole due to family income increases.

The Crimea proposal is now recommended to move forward because both Ukraine and Crimea have taken very significant steps in getting rid of corruption. Much of Crimea's Ministry, from the Prime Minister on down, have been removed from office.

Similar housecleaning has been undertaken throughout most of Ukraine. It is now not only appropriate to continue with the Crimea project, it is also appropriate to expand it throughout Ukraine. Expansion consists of national scope rather than one region; and, adding other components. Other components can be added as ideas emerge around the core catalyst project. P-CED Ukraine's take will be 1% of funding. That will be used to support ongoing research and development involving mostly Ukrainian consultants and staffers, tantamount to a poverty-relief/economic development think tank focused on helping the poorest people in Ukraine.
P-CED Ukraine will also coordinate preparations and implementation of the project components,
particularly the more technically difficult communications initiative. If government officials or anyone else in other oblasts have any questions regarding corruption and personal payments, they need only consider the Crimea experience. That entire experience was duly and transparently related to the office of the US Ambassador, US Embassy, Kyiv; and, to the US Senate. For the Ukraine side, it was related to Ukrainian citizens via Kyiv Post (English only); Voice of America-Ukraine (in Ukrainian); and on Internet via web sites such as Maidan.

The message should be clear by now: no corruption will be tolerated in this development project. That anti-corruption policy is now completely congruent with top-level government in Ukraine. More importantly, it is congruent with what the vast majority of Ukrainians want
and need, regardless of their avowed political preferences. It is common ground among almost everyone in Ukraine.

Project Components

National Microeconomic Development

This component is based on microenterprise support. This will require a nation-wide microfinance initiative unlike existing microfinance in Ukraine.

Existing microfinance programs effectively exclude people who need them most, those in poverty. Material collateral is required for virtually all microfinance programs now available in Ukraine. Most microfinance is set up to help people with existing businesses, but not to help people start new businesses. This situation is the exact opposite of what is needed: access to loan funding without regard to material collateral; and, strong emphasis on training and preparing people to create their own business.

Further aggravating the microenterprise environment have been extortionist protection rackets operated by organized crime. The deal is simple: a merchant must pay "protection" money, or else they could find their business damaged one way or another. This amounts to profits stolen at gunpoint, no different in principle than armed robbery. In some cases, criminals have forced so much money from business owners that the business was forced to close. Once the business is closed, there are no other financing possibilities for the owner to try and restart, since most microfinance comes into play only for existing businesses.

The new microfinance program will include a mechanism for reporting this sort of corruption, with reports going to local, regional and national authorities, and to media as necessary, with full
expectation of appropriate action against any and all attempts to extort money, or "protection payments."

Loan funding will be available to anyone who needs it if they are willing to undertake a free training program for business planning and market research to prepare for success. As mentioned above, this approach has been very successful and beneficial as proved by the
Tomsk experiment. This component should be funded in the same amount per capita as in Tomsk oblast, $10 million dollars per one million population. That amounts to $480 million dollars.

National Child-care Reform

This component aims to remove children now in state-care institutions into family-care: return to their own families, foster care, home-country adoption, and small group homes. It follows from research and experience in such programs as TACIS-sponsored Every Child (UK) and USAID-sponsored

Holt International (US.)

According to years of research within Ukraine and the former Soviet bloc by Every Child, 90% of children can be returned to their families, with relatively small financial support to families. The cost of financial support needed is less than half the cost of keeping the children in state children homes. If 90% of children can be removed from state homes back to their own families, at half the cost of keeping them in state homes, it makes absolutely no sense not to return them to their families.

In about ten percent of cases where children can't be returned due to alcoholic or incapable parents (incapable for reasons other than poverty), no parents, or no family, small group homes, foster care, and adoption within Ukraine are next options. Foster care and adoption are relatively rare in Ukraine, although public education programs are underway to promote these options. For the interim, there is great need for small group homes for these children. Small group homes should consist of small enough groups of children to approximate a more intimate, supportive family-type environment. According to Every Child's research, the few small group homes that already exist have about twenty children per home. Having worked in a group home in the US, this author believes that is too many children for one setting. Ten should be the maximum number, with four professional staff per home. That allows a reasonable work load of 3.5 days per week for each pair of staff. Facilities can and should be provided by local governments, making use of some of the hundreds of vacant buildings in most cities in Ukraine.

It is difficult if not impossible to know exactly how many children are currently living in orphanages in Ukraine. Research from Every Child cites the following reasons for this2:

Lack of reliable statistics. Many countries in the region are still in what is euphemistically
described as the 'transition' from semi-totalitarian to democratic rule. Civil society is in an
early stage of development and the state organs remain extremely powerful. There are few checks and balances against the state and no tradition of state-collected statistics being questioned.

Inconsistent data collection. Responsibility for childcare is generally divided between four
or more ministries, each with their own budgets and information systems. Collecting consistent data across the different ministries clearly presents problems. For example, during the course of a situation analysis of childcare in Azerbaijan,

EveryChild was quoted figures for the numbers of children in institutional care in the country that ranged between 8,000 and 120,000.

Problems of definition. For the purposes of this report we define an institution as a large
residential home for long-term childcare. We would expect such a home to house at least 15 children; anything much smaller can be regarded as a substitute family. But the definition used in state-collected data is often uncertain.

Lack of clarity of purpose. Children's institutions that were originally provided for
orphans (or for educational or health reasons) are frequently used to house children for social reasons. For example, in many countries in the region, boarding schools give an education to children who live in remote rural areas that do not have an adequate population to support their own schools. However, children are also frequently placed there because their parents are simply too poor to support them.

Faulty collection of data. Poor data collection can be the result of inadequate mechanisms
or manipulation. For example, a study in Georgia found that some officially-recorded institutions did not exist and others that did were not recognised by the system.

Given those data limitations, as of 2002 Every Child's best estimate was 80,000 children in orphanages3. Going on the assumptions that numbers remain roughly similar and 90% of children can be returned to their families by providing financial support to those families at net cost savings of at least 50% per child versus orphanage care, that works out to a projected cost savings of about 45%. Thus, returning children to their birth homes where the main problem was insufficient money would appear to reduce state-funded support by almost half. Every Child estimates4 a state cost of 600 grivna, or about $115, per child per month. For 80,000 children, total cost is about $9.2 million per year. 45% savings reduces total cost to $5 million per year.

That leaves 10%, perhaps 8,000 children , remaining to be placed in foster care, home-country adoptions, and small group homes. In that attitudes regarding foster care and adoptions within
Ukraine will take time to change and overcome, small group homes appear to the be second immediate alternative to orphanages. These group homes should be family-style settings with a
limited number of children per home. Allowing ten children per home, 800 such homes are needed. This results in an increase in staff compared to orphanages; in an orphanage, a staff of four people might manage a hundred or more children, whereas in family-style group homes a staff of four is needed per home, or 3200 total staff. Allowing a decent living wage of $300 per month on average per staffer across 25 oblasts brings staff costs to $11.5 million. About $4 million of that amount is covered by cost reductions above, leaving a total cost increase of about $6.5 million per year for greatly improved lives of almost all children now in orphanages.

National Rural Communications Initiative

This component aims to provide low-cost broadband Internet service in Ukraine. Even in the few areas where it is available, broadband is expensive by international standards.

This component will also function as a revenue engine that ensures the overall project has a cash surplus and is self-sustaining. Specific attention will be given to the transitional costs of the child-care initiative.

Ukraine's state-owned Ukrtelecom is preparing for a $700 million investment into expanded communications services throughout Ukraine, using UMTS 3G technology. While it appears that wireless coverage will increase and will include somewhat faster Internet connections to more people, the infrastructure is more expensive and user costs will therefore have to be higher than with P-CED Ukraine's recommended technology. Russian investors on the other hand have a similar project underway in Russia with $600 million investment, using technology and system design almost identical to P-CED U's design for Ukraine. (P-CED's founder preached and predicted this technology while in Russia during 1999-2000.) P-CED U's design will cost a small fraction, about 15%, to create infrastructure throughout Ukraine as compared with what Ukrtelecom is preparing to spend. That allows for service for an average of 5000 customers per oblast at an average subscription cost of $25 per month for broadband Internet with unlimited usage, no traffic charges. That reflects the norm in most of Europe. Projected average net profit per year per oblast is approximately $1 million, or $25 million nationwide for the initial 125,000 customers. This money will support the child-care reform component. Monies not needed for the child-care component go to microenterprise funding. Thus, providing Ukraine infrastructure for low-cost, high-speed Internet broadband - a critical need in its own right - will serve to support child-care reform, and to further increase funding for microenterprise.


This enterprise model, where a company does business to make profit for the specific objective of using profits for social benefit, is becoming increasingly common in Europe, in Great Britain for example. This model should not be confused with a non-profit or not-for-profit company. P-CED's model is specifically for-profit. The only thing different from conventional capitalist enterprises is the usage of profits for poverty relief and direct social benefit. Bottom line is measured in financial and social terms.

P-CED's founder proposed this sort of model ten years ago - specifically proposing the emerging information technology and Internet sector for profits - in a white paper to the US White House in 1996. Those concepts became in "idea virus." In 1998, programs began to appear in leading US business schools along the same theme, under the general heading of "social enterprise." Those business schools include Stanford, Yale, Harvard, and Duke universities, with similar programs appearing in Oxford University and London School of Economics. In 2002, social enterprise was adopted as official government policy in Great Britain. Bottom-line measurement in terms of both financial profit and social benefit is now commonly referred to as "blended value" or "double bottom line." The enterprise model is "profit for poverty."

Moreover, the preeminent capitalist in the world has recently undertaken the profit-for-poverty model proposed ten years ago. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have invested the bulk of their fortune, $39 billion, into poverty relief and social benefit through the Gates Foundation. Philanthropy, of course, is nothing new. The problem is that there aren't nearly enough funds available from philanthropy to stem the tide of poverty. The new trend is to create poverty-relief/social support organizations that in effect grow their own money with seed capital from governments and philanthropies.

The model proposed in the 1996 paper specifically predicted and included wireless Internet infrastructure as the wave of the future, with potential profits in a new, emerging, undeveloped sector available to use for poverty relief. It has taken a decade for the technology to develop and become available on the market, and about that long for the enterprise model to begin to gain widespread acceptance. During this year, 2006, the first wide-scale nationwide roll-outs of wireless technology are entering the market. The Russian project is the largest and most ambitious to date.

Broadband Internet service is also a political imperative. As Ukraine moves toward closer integration with the European Union and the West, it is important to understand that most if not all EU states now have a policy of broadband Internet access to 100% of their citizens. This
demonstrates the recognition of the linkage between economic development and broadband Internet access. "Access" means that broadband Internet service is available to 100% of the population at a user cost they can afford.

Cost of this component is approximately $100 million, with a projected net return of 25% per year to be applied to social benefit in each of 25 oblasts. Operations will be based in urban areas, with transmission and outreach to rural areas throughout each oblast.

Information delivery via broadband Internet access cannot be left to the market alone. During the past decade, information access has become so vital to developed economies as to be considered equivalent to basic human rights such as food, shelter, and any hope of economic well-being - for individual citizens as well as communities and nations. Hence the EU push for 100% access to broadband Internet. With information now having become an essential commodity for economic development, it makes no more sense to leave delivery in the hands of conventional market economics than it does to deal with food the same way. It cannot be "You'll get it when profits make it most sensible to deliver it to you." That, however, is precisely what is happening in Ukraine and much of eastern Europe. People have to have their needs met first, after which they can go about making better lives for themselves and their families. Information access has become a basic need, and is of course an essential aspect of any democracy where citizens need access to information, ideas, and cheap communications in order for democracy to develop and flourish.

If left only to conventional market forces, it will likely be at least another decade before affordable broadband access even begins to become available to most Ukrainians. Considering the exorbitant cost in Ukraine for standard telephone service and prevailing Internet access via high-cost low-speed dial-up service, there is no reason to believe that Ukrtelecom is looking to do anything more than maximize profits without regard to broad social and economic benefit. That is perfectly normal capitalism. Privatizing Ukrtelecom will do little more than shift profits from one small group to another, although public auction similar to Kryvorozhstal steel company should put a few billion dollars more into Ukraine's national budget. That money then ends up with the same question as money from the Kryvorozhstal sale, which is: how to use the money for greatest long-term, sustainable social and economic benefit for Ukrainian citizens? President Yushchenko is specifically looking for answers to that question, with this proposal being one of his answers. And among the things that must be done is implementation of nationwide access to broadband Internet service, same as is being done across the European Union and is beginning even in Russia. This is particularly advantageous when it can be done at a time when an emerging sector is largely undeveloped, profit potentials are highest, and profits can be directed to wide-scale poverty relief by innovative organizations.


Target funding includes the US Millennium Challenge Account administered by Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC.) MCC's mission objective is poverty relief through growth and economic development. Ukraine can probably afford to take on this project with cash from the Kryvorozhstal privatization. In that this project is entirely self-sustaining within two years after initial cash input and pays for itself in four years, it makes sense for Ukraine to take it on
unilaterally. This is, however, proposed as a joint Ukraine/US project. The US has as much to learn and gain from this project as does Ukraine.

Let's be honest regarding poverty relief and MCC objectives: the US is also looking for solutions for poverty relief, and we certainly do not have an abundance of answers given at least 37 million American citizens living in poverty by official measures. Based on extensive research by P-CED, it is the opinion of this author that the real poverty level in the US is well in excess of 50 million, people, about one in six.

The so-called "War on Poverty" in the US began as a component in President Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" program, around 1965. That program followed in the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal about three decades earlier. Since the advent of War on Poverty in the US, poverty in the US gone up and down as various administrations interpreted "War on Poverty" differently Some attacked the conditions of poverty and sought to relieve those conditions. Others essentially attacked US citizens living in poverty, goading them to somehow get out of it even with no real means of escape. The result has been extremes in management philosophy averaging out to small progress in relieving poverty in the US after hundreds of billions of dollars input - a dismal return on investment. It should be understood that Millennium Challenge Corporation's philosophy of poverty relief through growth is an ongoing experiment in the US over three decades, but which has not taken root primarily due to political conflict and disagreement. Moreover, the US experiment shows that national economic growth does not necessarily relieve poverty. Poverty rates have risen in most of past thirty years in the US even as the national economy has steadily grown. There is no compelling evidence that national economic growth relieves poverty over time for individual citizens, while there is compelling evidence that it doesn't. So poverty relief via growth is not an issue of straightforward economic growth. Rather, this is an issue of targeted, strategic growth aimed directly at millions of specific human beings living in poverty.

Ukraine is technically a threshold country with MCC in 2006, that status having been approved by MCC's board of directors near the end of 2005. Considering that Ukraine holds unique opportunity for the US in a joint development project, directors of MCC would do well to consider exercising their authority to make an exception for Ukraine to become fully included this year, bypassing the interim threshold status. The main factor keeping Ukraine in threshold status was a slightly below median score on the corruption measure. Implementation of this project will decrease corruption more than enough to satisfy that measure.

This is as much to the advantage of the US as Ukraine. Joint cooperation on poverty relief and peaceful, home-grown democratic development is precisely the message that the US needs to send to the rest of the world. There is no better or more obvious example to be set than Ukraine.


It is clear that the US and Ukraine are both struggling to find answers and solutions for poverty relief and elimination. Either side has far more than enough money in existing national budget accounts to fulfill this project. At the same time, both sides stand to benefit greatly via joint cooperation. Both sides need each other. There is no better location on earth than Ukraine for this initiative. Lessons learned can be quickly replicated within Ukraine and the US as well as
adapted to other countries.

If the US adventure in Iraq is really and truly about establishing democracy, it is very safe to say that we're going to have to find cheaper and less destructive ways of going about it. The cost of 30 hours of warfare by the US in Iraq covers the cost of four years (35,064 hours) for this project.

Which method makes more sense?


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People-Centered Economic Development, 2003.

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Family Matters - Report on Central and
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bull in a china shop - Terry Hallman's unsupported reckless allegations of Death Camps for Children

There is no deliberate action on behalf of Ukraine's welfare agencies and orphanages to kill, murder or execute children.

The claims made by Mr Hallman and others is reprehensible and must be strongly opposed and rejected.


Mr Terry Hallam (P-CED UA), Mr Mowatt (P-CED UK) and others continue to make unsubstantiated and false accusations.

We are cataloguing the numerous false claims made by Mr Terry Hallman and Mr Jeff Mowatt who seam to be engaged in a reckless campaign of sensationalist reporting in order to attract attention to themselves and P-CED's proposed commercial activities.

This is a direct insult on Ukraine's welfare services undermining the direct activities foreign aid organisation and can not be justified or tolerated. We all know the difficulties facing Ukrainian Orphanages but they most certainly are not DEATH CAMPS as suggested by Mr Terry Hallman, Mr Jeff Mowatt, Mr Peter Crosby and others.

Mr Hallman and others claim to have evidence to support their allegation of Death Camps for Children in Ukraine. When asked to provide evidence, names and address of DEATH CAMPS FOR CHILDREN .. Mr Peter Crosby replied "Go and find them". Having made unfounded reprehensible allegations they are now embarked on a witch hunt hoping that someone will find them.

Mr Hallman and other continue to suppress opposition to their outrageous claims by publishing false and defamatory information. Comments questioning the veracity of the claims made by Mr Terry Hallman are removed or not published. (Mr Hallman is the online-editor and moderator of one public forum (

DEATH CAMP (Definition -
A death camp is a concentration camp which has been deliberately set up in order to kill those imprisoned there; such camps are not intended as punishment for criminal actions, rather, they are intended to facilitate genocide.

Mr Hallman's reference to Ukraine's Orphanages as DEATH CAMPS FOR CHILDREN is sensational and reckless and does not conform to the above definition..

There is no deliberate policy or action of mass murder or genocide.

Mr Hallman and Mowatt's claims are unjust and are not support by facts, evidence or any professional international welfare organisation directly involved in children's welfare in Ukraine.
Ukraine's "Death Camps" for Children is your chapter.
We will not do any investigations on it.
We know, orphanages for handicaps are even the worst, but not "death camps".
We believe it is serious accelerated, for the propose of fundraising.
Get proofs and than cry out.

Alexander Rakocz
Pro humane e.v.

In response to the questions "Are Ukrainian Orphanages Death Camps for Children?" the following reply was received from Ukrainian Angels who are actively involved in the support and adoption of Ukrainian orphans:

Yes, the orphanages in Ukraine could use more financial aid from their country to help provide the orphans with more food, medical care, dental, etc..

BUT.....every orphanage that I have been into is FAR from a "DEATH CAMP"..

I adopted (7) Ukrainian children...

None of them were treated badly in their orphanages, nor suffered from any neglect from care takers, etc. Yes, of coarse they could have used more nutrients, more food, vitamins, better medical, any type of dental, etc.. but over-all they were (and are) extremely healthy and I feel the orphanages did the best they could with what they had ($$).

Having questioned Mr Hallman on the validity of his claim and challenged him to provide evidence to substantiate the allegation that Ukrainian orphanages are involved in mass murder, extermination and genocide as implied by his reference to Death Camps for Children..
Mr Hallman failed to respond.. It's been six months and still no evidence, No names,. address or photographs.

Mr Peter Crosby, an associated of Mr Hallman, having previously asserted there is in fact evidence supporting the claim of Death Camps for Children in Ukraine in a subsequent post published on the internet forum stated:

...there were some points (referring to calls for Mr Hallman to produce evidence to substantiate his claims) which are worthy of debate, including the concern that there is precious little evidence to support the death camp claim.
Its been six months since Mr Hallman made these sensational claims and still he has failed to provide any substantial evidence. These allegations were first published by in an interview with Mr Hallman. No independent investigation was undertaken to verify Mr Hallman's claims or allegations.

Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt continue to attack anyone that questions his claims.

Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt are business partners (P-CED) trying to promote a proposed commercial venture in which they are seeking funding.

There are outstanding questions related to the registration of their company People Cantered Economic Development (P-CED). Mr Hallman failed to disclose in his visa application that he had been expelled and denied further entry into Russia.

Complaints should be forward to Ukraine's Ombudsman and For-UA editor Maxim Popov; Kiev, Olesya Gonchara, 74a/29 Tel: +380 50 3473074

Ongoing abuse attacks on his critcs, claims of a campaign of hate and avoidance continues

Following a series of complaints about the misuse of the for-ua site as a means of trying to give the impression of validation of Mr Hallman business credentials.

What Mr Jeff Mowatt failed to mention that he and Mr Hallman are business associates.

Mr Mowatt, following the deregistration of Mr Hallman's company that was registered in the UK, registered a new company similar in name to Mr Hallman's company. This new company (People-Centred Economic Development Limited UK) has a sole director. Mr Jeff Mowatt. Why he did not keep the old company and just register the change of directors is still a mystery other then it could have something to do with avoiding accountability and the need to provide annual reports and financial statements.

It is also worth noting that Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman are actively engaged in trying to secure funding for the establishment of a WiMax wireless internet service provider network with a projected profit of 700 Million a year. unrealistic given the extent of competition from the landline internet providers and the mobile telephone companies who also are in direct competition with the role out of 3G Edge technology.

Mr Mowatt's company is not registered as having any offices or business activity overseas.

When questions and asked to verify the claims of success of his company and to provide independent references he goes on the attack making abusive and false statements. Anything to avoid answering what under normal circumstances are reasonable and legitimate questions. If some one claims they were involved in a successful project and the evidence to back it up just is not there then the onus is on the persons (in this case Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman) to verify their claims. They have not.

There is not mention of Mr Hallman or P-CED anywhere other then on his web site. NONE.. He held no position of authority or managerial. He may have acted as a 3rd party consultant but again there is no details to support this.

The more you investigate Mr Hallman's claims the more you come upon inconsistencies of this type.

Mr Hallman claims he is a director of an international economic development company. Sound good but reality is far from the perception.

Jeff Mowatt, Peter Crosby and others claim that information questioning the validity of Mr Hallman's statements are part of a campaign of "hate" again trying to deflect and avoid accountability.

We do not "hate" Mr Hallman we recognise him as a person with a degree of intelligence but highly questionable. Some of what he has to say is valid but much of what he says is not true, false and misleading. We wish to draw peoples attention to the extent of exaggeration and misrepresentation. Anyone reading this account can and should do their own research and in doing so serious question what is being pumped out.

Both Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt went on and attacked others whop independently investigated their various claims and came to the same conclusion as we did.

The more Mr Hallman, Mr Mowatt and others attack their critics and subject them to abuse the more we feel this issue needs to be addressed.

We do not hate him but we do not support him either. Blind faith has no home in the world of reality and Mr Hallman resides else where.

Read for yourself and decide.

If you search the internet you will notice a common dialog between the same group of people. Terry Hallman, Jeff Mowatt(both business partners), Philip Giddings and Peter Crosby. Each talking amongst themselves. Mr Mowatt's conversations give the impression that he is an independent contributor. He fails to mention that he is a close business partner of the author of the subject. It is only when he is challenged that this information becomes clear. On further questioning you soon discover that the key to their proposed business plan is to establish a profile and support base seeking funding on the suggestion that the $700 million dollars a year profit will be used to fund Ukrainian orphanages.

More information and clarification is required, we have asked questions and sort answers but none has been forthcoming.

A bull in in a china shop, reckless allegations and false claims by Terry Hallman and Jeff Mowatt (P-CED)

If you take time and do more research on Terry Hallman you will find there is a lot that just does not add up. Statements that are not backed by the evidence. The guy has serious personality problems.

It was interesting to read that he was denied entry in the UK.

He is an American citizen and they refused him entry.. That's two countries he has been excluded from. Did he notify the Ukrainian government of this fact when he applied for his Ukrainian Visa.

P-CED has not office, no assets and no capital investments in Ukraine.

Mr Terry Hallman refers to himself as being a Director of an International Economic Development Company (P-CED) but investigation has revealed that his company which is registered in Kharkiv (No: 33607852). His company is nothing more then a computer, a business card and a rubber stamp.

Mr Hallman lives in a $180 apartment in Kharkiv.

Mr Hallman's claims of past successes do not stand up to scrutiny. There is no mention of him or his company available on the internet other then postings that were made by Mr Hallman and or his associates. His company is not listed or registered with USAid (

Mr Hallman has made numerous claims and allegations in relation to his business success which are unsubstantiated and not verifiable.

There is no reference to him or his company in relation to the Tomsk, Russia microfinancing project he claims to have been involved in.

The Crimean project his claims had received approval for funding is not recorded in the USAid published annual reports ( also available on the internet). Information provided indicates that the project proposed by Mr Hallman was conceptual only and never approved for funding. There was no detailed business plan, no management structure and no administrative support. The Ukrainian partners required for the project had refused to work with Mr Hallman and following the refusal of payment of US$15,000 claimed by Mr Hallman for the drafting of the project outline proposal, Mr Hallman wrote to USAid exercising his Intellectual Property rights withdraw the project from further consideration.

Mr Hallman is prone to exaggeration and making extraordinary statements. He does not have the support of influence claimed within the US Government.

When ask to provide personal references who can verify his numerous statements Mr Hallman refuses to provide any.

Mr Hallman was expelled from Russia following a complaint and investigation into his Russian visa entitlement. Mr Hallman who entered Ukraine in 2002 on a business visa failed to mention that he was excluded from Russia and denied a re-entry visa.

Mr Hallman is currently engaged in a project seeking US foreign grant money to establish a WiMax Internet service provider network in Ukraine.

Mr Hallman and his associates, in order to build a company profile, has been actively engaged in posting various information on the Internet attacking all aspects of Ukrainian governments, political parties and individuals.

His latest campaign refers to Ukrainian orphanages as being "Death Camps for Children" when asked to provide evidence, names and addresses top back up his sensational allegations he failed to provide evidence. It has been six months since Mr Hallman first published made his claims about Ukrainian orphanages and not one piece of substantial evidence has been produced.

No international and national welfare organisation has backed Mr Hallman's claims.

Mr Hallman is now seeking permission from the Minister to go on a witch hunt to find what he believes are "Death Camps" the deliberate and intentional murder, execution and genocide of children. (Removed)

Mr Hallman's allegations are unfounded, unsubstantiated and reckless. A bull in a china shop, a loose cannon.

In the absence of verification, evidence and referral any person considering and statements and should first undertake independent investigation and review to confirm the validity of any claims being made.

Note: Mr Hallman is the English moderator for the maidan web site.

Monday, September 18, 2006

THE END IS NEAR // Claims of biblical Armageddon//attacks on Israel, Republicans and Christians alike.

The below information is a copy of Mr Tarry Hallman's post recorded on The Miadan web site

Those who log on to the Maidan-ua foum site should be aware that posts critical of Mr Hallman are often deleted or never approved. It turns out that Mr Hallman himself is the online moderator of the Miadan English language forum.

The post below demonstrates in part Mr Hallman's ongoing attacks on Israel and Republicans and the Religious right in the USA.

Ukraine: US Neo-Conservatives at the Gates

Submitted by Terry Hallman on Tue, 2005-08-02 14:21.

Take the worst of the worst mindless Bush supporters in the US, clone them in Ukraine, and you end up with an emerging religious cult that preaches high-minded ideals but believes in – and fully expects and hopes for – Armageddon, death, massive destruction, and the end of the world.

Given religious and political freedom under Ukraine's Constitution, there's nothing to stop them or deter them aside from rational thought. Otherwise, US neo-conservatives are a group largely driven by world domination, and who are largely supported politically – as in voting – by far right-wing ideologues who rarely if ever bother with independent thought and reason.

That ideology holds that these are the end times, the end of human civilization as we know it, that the Rapture is just around the corner, soon to be followed by Armageddon and an inferno holocaust that will teach everyone on Earth a lesson they'll never forget. And then Christ will return.

There is the key: the hope and expectation of the return of Christ. But, certain things have to happen first. US right-wingers are taking it upon themselves to fulfill prophecy to speed things up. Two thousand years is a long time to wait for Christ's return, after all, and they're getting impatient.

So impatient, in fact, that most of the entire US right-wing are now referred to as "Rapturists" and "Armageddonists." They're tired of waiting for Biblical prophecy, as they understand it and assume to be the Absolute Truth for every person on this planet, to be fulfilled. Perhaps only America could breed such a do-it-yourself approach to the end of the world – and with the weaponry to back it up. In the meantime, they've supported America's takeover by undemocratic-types of the Bush cabal, because the end of the world is just around the corner anyway.

To be clear, US right-wing Christians and US neo-conservatives are not exactly the same. Neo-cons intend to plant US values and way of life around the world, mainly for profit motives.

Right-wing Christians are natural prey to the neo-con scheme. They believe that their world view is the only possible natural order of things because it says so in the Bible according to them. Circular logic jumps out immediately, of course. The world must become according to their beliefs because they are correct, and their beliefs are correct because the world must become according to their beliefs: the Bible as they understand it.

Never mind reason and mere facts. Possibly the premier champion of the Christian right (right as in political right wing, not right as in correct) is Hal Lindsey. He wrote a book in 1970, "The Late, Great Planet Earth", wherein he assigned himself as a key prophet in interpreting and making sense of the various prophecies throughout the Bible – not least the utterly incomprehensible Book of Revelations. Therein, Lindsey set upon describing contemporary and very recent world events in 1970 as indications of end-time prophecy being fulfilled. He extrapolated further to make predictions about how things would unfold over the next quarter century or so. Many simple-minded folks – but voters, nevertheless – in the US were taken in completely. Some took a wait-and-see approach, to see if his predictions were correct. Lindsey was wrong on almost every prediction he made, not least that Christ would return before the end of the millennium. Moreover, the Rapture and Armageddon didn't happen.

Undeterred, the US Christian right took it upon themselves to help hurry things along by allying with US neo-cons in the neo-con world domination schemata that co-opted the entire US Christian right into neo-con dreams and ambitions of US hegemony around the world. The US Christian right see it as the natural order of things, because all of it is preparing the world properly for Christ's return and fulfillment of their increasingly impatient and rabid beliefs.

Those beliefs mesh almost perfectly with the US neo-conservative agenda to plant Americanism all over the world, and make life Hell for anyone who gets in their way. Neo-cons are political; the religious right are the US religious faction in natural position to follow blindly – while making up roughly one-fifth of the US electorate. Both are fervently hoping for an excuse to pull the nuclear trigger, because for US Christian right-wingers that means Armageddon, and then Christ can be only a short time from His long overdue reappearance to save the world and bring peace. But first, vicious, nihilistic war and conflict must precede. For US neo-cons, pulling the nuclear trigger is a mixture of motives, primarily to remove opponents to their New World Order, and secondarily to fulfilling Biblical Armageddon "prophecy" to satisfy their right-wing Christian constituency. If neo-cons don't deliver Armageddon, Christian right-wingers will be very disappointed. It must happen, because it says so in the Bible, at least according to them. Pulling that trigger is to them equivalent of fulfilling God's word.

Strangely, or not, the religious right – a voting bloc without which Bush and his cronies would have no chance of power in the US – blithely ignore messy little facts inherent in such instances as the current war on Iraq. In that regard alone, Bush and his neo-cons have demonstrably broken at least four of the Ten Commandments:

    -do not kill
    -do not steal
    -do not covet
    -do not bear false witness against your neighbor

US right-wingers, and their clones, give full blessing and support to the Iraq travesty and rationalize those fundamental moral breaches as inevitable, because these are the "end times", and certain things must happen to make it all come to pass. Circular logic. Thus, breaking the basic moral code of Christianity becomes the Christian thing to do, according to their tortured beliefs and lunacy. Further, annihilating a few million people with nuclear holocaust is in accordance with the word of God and fulfillment of prophecy, because nuclear holocaust has become ubiquitous with Armageddon: fire and brimstone raining down from the sky to punish the unrepentant, and that sounds like a job for nuclear weapons. (Ignore the "Thou shalt not kill" part. It just gets in the way.)

Like it or not, disturbing or not, this is what the US Christian right passionately expect and desire. There is no need to blindly accept the words in this article. Talk to them yourself. And, they are backing, supporting, and encouraging people – US neo-cons and their world-control, New World Order agenda – whom they are convinced can make it all happen. On that point, they are correct, and the rest of the world can only watch and marvel: potential shock and awe on the grandest scale, if they get what they're looking and hoping for.

Anyone who doubts them or disagrees in any way is, of course, the Anti-Christ as well as un-American. And all who are un-American are terrorists, and therefore deserve to be punished. Again never mind that the US Christian right themselves have bought into fundamental betrayal and violation of the most basic Judeo-Christian teachings and moral precepts.

Their ideology is corrupt and rotten to the core – and they're now infecting and infesting Ukraine.

There is nothing to stop the US Christian right wing from infesting Ukraine, due to religious freedom guaranteed by Ukraine's Constitution, nor should there be anything to stop them aside from individual critical thought on the part of their recruits and followers who are mostly simple, trusting, desperate, unthinking and uneducated people. The social shambles left in the wake of Ukraine's previous governments have left a rich vein of hardened, but thoughtless, cynics who are prepared to believe anything whatsoever that gives them a sense of hope and entitlement for a better tomorrow. I have yet to meet one person among new converts in Ukraine with the ability to think critically about what they're being led to believe, though I can surely see the appeal and sexiness of their believing that they're suddenly among the chosen few heading to magically depart in the Rapture before all Hell breaks loose, or enduring to see the greatest show of all time, the Second Coming of Christ and His presidency of the entire world with True Believers in the most favored positions. If it takes murder and mayhem to make that happen, that's just the price of admission. Old Ukraine and the imagined Second Coming sound strangely similar.

Perhaps in fair and inevitable balance, having talked with many Ukrainians being duped and having talked with those from the US who are here to dupe them, there is already competition among them about who is preaching the "only real, True word of God." An evangelical preacher says he is. A Baptist missionary, also a preacher, says he is. Both say they have a lock on the Truth, and the other is wrong. "Rattlesnakes committing suicide" comes to mind.

They might all do well to pray for salvation, and to pray that this isn't the end of the world. If the Lord were to return in the near future, He'd likely be very, very irritated with so many who have arrogantly and willfully wrought death and destruction in His name in the expectation of forcing His hand, fulfilling tortured interpretations of prophecy, just so they can be in on the Grand Show of the Second Coming.

It probably won't be so Grand for them if He really does return in the near term.

P-CED Ltd - Set to avoid accountability, disclosure and legislative requirements that normally apply to charities

We found this post on one of the various bulletin boards.
It outlines in part the reason behind Mr Mowatt determination to establish a company as opposed to registration of a charity or association.  In registering P-CED My Mowatt aims to avoid the requirements and regulation that would otherwise applied to charitable organisation. There is no public membership,. no shareholders an no accountability.  Problem is if Mr Mowatt's company operates and portrays itself as a non-profit charitable organisation then they most certainly will be under scrutiny by the UK corporate and consumer affairs department.  Mr Mowatt and Mr continue to play off the fact that the operations of P-CED (UA) and P-CED (UK) fall under different international jurisdiction as such they hope to avoid any accountability by claiming that part of their operation comes under one or the other jurisdiction.  Mr Hallman has proposed that Bank accounts for the Ukrainian operations are to be held in Off shore accounts.
Jeff.Mowatt - Aug 20, 2005 11:14 am (# Total: 50)
Guarantee company

As you're talking within a UK context, I think, may I raise a question here?

Incorporating P-CED last year, which had formerly been the domain of a sole entrepreneur we faced a dilemma. As an organisation aimed at relieving poverty, we might have registered as a charity allowing us to collect donations but that wasn't where we were going and as I understood it, this would also place restrictions on how we might trade and most certainly involve a lot more administration.

We began leaning toward the bona fide co-operative structure but this too had it's disadvantages. We'd be facing a host of formal procedures but most of all, an organisation directed toward the benefit of its members would need to recruit the ecnomically disadvantaged before it could help them.

In the end, what seemed an appropriate model was the company limited by guarantee allowing us to trade freely and having no shareholders we could operate as we intened in the knowledge that no part of the directorship could "sell out" our original aims.

Perhaps there could have been a better way, I'm not really sure.

Something I wanted to mention however is that now taking an interest in the world of B2B technology, I was curious enough to search for the word nonprofit on one of the major portals and find only 25 results out of many thousands of companies. Social Enterprise didn't appear at all.

Could this mean we're under-represented in the business world, not using the technology or just that we're not mentioning it.

Shouldn't nonprofits find ways of dealing with others who are like-minded, I wondered?


Jeff Mowatt P-CED

Death Camp definition

Below is the definition of Death Camp it implies a deliberate policy and action of mass murder or genocide. Ukrainian Orphanages are not Death Camps as claimed by Mr Terry Hallman (P-CED (UA)) and Jeff Mowatt (P-CED (UK)), Peter Crosby and others.

This claim is sensational and reckless causing serious harm and damage to Ukraine's welfare sector and international aid agencies. No professional international welfare agency has supported Mr Hallman's outrageous and irrisponsible assertion. Terry Hallman, Jeff Mowatt, Thomas Martinez and Peter Crosby continue to refuse to provide evidence backing up his allegation that Ukraine's Orphanages are Death Camps for Children.

By Wordnet Dictionary

A death camp is a concentration camp which has been deliberately set up in order to kill those imprisoned there; such camps are not intended as punishment for criminal actions, rather, they are intended to facilitate genocide. The most famous death camps are the Nazi extermination camps, used during World War II.

Friday, September 08, 2006

PEOPLE-CENTERED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (P-CED) Company Register - Terry Hallman director

Company Register Information
Date of Incorporation:22/03/2004

Company Number:


Company Name:


Registered Office:





Company Type:

PRI/LBG/NSC/S.30 (Private, limited by guarantee, no share capital, section 30 of the Companies Act)

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom


Dissolved 15/08/2006

Nature Of Business (SIC(92)):

6523 - Other financial intermediation

Mortgage: Number of Charges:

( 0 outstanding / 0 part satisfied / 0 satisfied)

Previous Names

No previous name information has been recorded over the last 20 years.

Key Filing Dates

Accounting Reference Date:


Last Accounts Made Up To:


Next Accounts Due:


Last Return Made Up To:


Next Return Due:


Last Bulk Shareholders List:

Not available

Current Appointments

Number of current appointments: 1



Date of Birth:






No. of Company appointments:





SW16 6RT

This Report excludes resignations

Recent Filing History

Documents filed since 12/04/2005




























This Report excludes 88(2) Share Allotment documents