Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A bull in in a china shop, reckless allegations and false claims by Terry Hallman and Jeff Mowatt (P-CED)

If you take time and do more research on Terry Hallman you will find there is a lot that just does not add up. Statements that are not backed by the evidence. The guy has serious personality problems.

It was interesting to read that he was denied entry in the UK.

He is an American citizen and they refused him entry.. That's two countries he has been excluded from. Did he notify the Ukrainian government of this fact when he applied for his Ukrainian Visa.

P-CED has not office, no assets and no capital investments in Ukraine.

Mr Terry Hallman refers to himself as being a Director of an International Economic Development Company (P-CED) but investigation has revealed that his company which is registered in Kharkiv (No: 33607852). His company is nothing more then a computer, a business card and a rubber stamp.

Mr Hallman lives in a $180 apartment in Kharkiv.

Mr Hallman's claims of past successes do not stand up to scrutiny. There is no mention of him or his company available on the internet other then postings that were made by Mr Hallman and or his associates. His company is not listed or registered with USAid (

Mr Hallman has made numerous claims and allegations in relation to his business success which are unsubstantiated and not verifiable.

There is no reference to him or his company in relation to the Tomsk, Russia microfinancing project he claims to have been involved in.

The Crimean project his claims had received approval for funding is not recorded in the USAid published annual reports ( also available on the internet). Information provided indicates that the project proposed by Mr Hallman was conceptual only and never approved for funding. There was no detailed business plan, no management structure and no administrative support. The Ukrainian partners required for the project had refused to work with Mr Hallman and following the refusal of payment of US$15,000 claimed by Mr Hallman for the drafting of the project outline proposal, Mr Hallman wrote to USAid exercising his Intellectual Property rights withdraw the project from further consideration.

Mr Hallman is prone to exaggeration and making extraordinary statements. He does not have the support of influence claimed within the US Government.

When ask to provide personal references who can verify his numerous statements Mr Hallman refuses to provide any.

Mr Hallman was expelled from Russia following a complaint and investigation into his Russian visa entitlement. Mr Hallman who entered Ukraine in 2002 on a business visa failed to mention that he was excluded from Russia and denied a re-entry visa.

Mr Hallman is currently engaged in a project seeking US foreign grant money to establish a WiMax Internet service provider network in Ukraine.

Mr Hallman and his associates, in order to build a company profile, has been actively engaged in posting various information on the Internet attacking all aspects of Ukrainian governments, political parties and individuals.

His latest campaign refers to Ukrainian orphanages as being "Death Camps for Children" when asked to provide evidence, names and addresses top back up his sensational allegations he failed to provide evidence. It has been six months since Mr Hallman first published made his claims about Ukrainian orphanages and not one piece of substantial evidence has been produced.

No international and national welfare organisation has backed Mr Hallman's claims.

Mr Hallman is now seeking permission from the Minister to go on a witch hunt to find what he believes are "Death Camps" the deliberate and intentional murder, execution and genocide of children. (Removed)

Mr Hallman's allegations are unfounded, unsubstantiated and reckless. A bull in a china shop, a loose cannon.

In the absence of verification, evidence and referral any person considering and statements and should first undertake independent investigation and review to confirm the validity of any claims being made.

Note: Mr Hallman is the English moderator for the maidan web site.