Thursday, September 07, 2006

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People-Centered Economic Development

Given that Jeff Mowatt has admitted above

1) you have no assets in Ukraine
2) You have no capital investment in Ukraine?
3) You are the sole director of People-Centered Economic Development UK?
4) You have no offices in Ukraine

Can mr Mowatt substantiate the following statement published else where.

People like Terry Hallman and myself are already investing in Ukraine and we're doing so not only at the strategic planning level

Mr Mowatt stated before that he has no assessts and no capital investment in Ukraine

and this

We block corruption by keeping banking activity outside of Ukraine - there is nothing to steal.

Q:Is Mr Mowatt maintaining bank accounts overseas whilst opperating a business in Ukraine, to avoid corruption?

and this statement dated July 2005.

Right now as we prepare to set up an office in

Mr Mowatt or Terry Hallman does not have an office but they claim to have been setting up an office in July 2005...

There are many more conflicting statements like this as you scan through the internet not to mention this interesting statement

Jeff.Mowatt - Aug 20, 2005 11:14 am (#36 Total: 50)

Guarantee company


As you're talking within a UK context, I think, may I raise a question here?

Incorporating P-CED last year, which had formerly been the domain of a sole entrepreneur we faced a dilemma. As an organisation aimed at relieving poverty, we might have registered as a charity allowing us to collect donations but that wasn't where we were going and as I understood it, this would also place restrictions on how we might trade and most certainly involve a lot more administration.

We began leaning toward the bona fide co-operative structure but this too had it's disadvantages. We'd be facing a host of formal procedures but most of all, an organisation directed toward the benefit of its members would need to recruit the ecnomically disadvantaged before it could help them.

In the end, what seemed an appropriate model was the company limited by guarantee allowing us to trade freely and having no shareholders we could operate as we intened in the knowledge that no part of the directorship could "sell out" our original aims.