Monday, September 18, 2006

Death Camp definition

Below is the definition of Death Camp it implies a deliberate policy and action of mass murder or genocide. Ukrainian Orphanages are not Death Camps as claimed by Mr Terry Hallman (P-CED (UA)) and Jeff Mowatt (P-CED (UK)), Peter Crosby and others.

This claim is sensational and reckless causing serious harm and damage to Ukraine's welfare sector and international aid agencies. No professional international welfare agency has supported Mr Hallman's outrageous and irrisponsible assertion. Terry Hallman, Jeff Mowatt, Thomas Martinez and Peter Crosby continue to refuse to provide evidence backing up his allegation that Ukraine's Orphanages are Death Camps for Children.

By Wordnet Dictionary

A death camp is a concentration camp which has been deliberately set up in order to kill those imprisoned there; such camps are not intended as punishment for criminal actions, rather, they are intended to facilitate genocide. The most famous death camps are the Nazi extermination camps, used during World War II.