Thursday, September 07, 2006

Terry Hallman (Wife Hunter)

Mr Hallman was asked by one contributer on the Maidan forum site if he was married and had a Ukrainian/Russian wife. Below was his reply:

Source:Madian Forum

I'm sure I would love to be married a Ukrainian girl, but, I am not. I am single, once but no longer married to an (Anglo) American girl who is perhaps appropriately a direct descendant of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, 1860-1865.

Should the time ever arrive that a nice Ukrainian girl is brave enough to deal with my life on a daily basis without too much worry, I would be delighted to have a Ukrainian wife. My being the political animal that I am, marriage to a nice Ukrainian girl who has the strength to deal with my unrelenting 'assertiveness' (and that's putting it mildly) toward freedom and human decency would be for me a private gift from God.

She will be Ukrainian – and willing to birth some very adventurous, brave, and assertive children

The (Russian) woman I loved most recently was once an FSB agent, but she couldn't get anything past me.

So now we're apart, I remain single, and now insist even to God on a Ukrainian wife.

Yet in this post he claimed he was married to Olga who he refers to as his wife.

Source: Madian
Submitted by Terry Hallman on Sat, 2005-07-02 06:59.

Kyiv Post
by Terry E Hallman
May 22 2003

A 10 year-old girl with an infant in her arms rang my doorbell. She was barely alive, unlike the 9 year-old boy who died, frozen, on another American's doorstep in Kherson a few months ago. The little girl was blue in the face and starved. She asked only for a small amount of food, nothing else. My wife, Olga, raided the fridge and gave her everything we didn't need. I later found Olga in tears, not because of the little girl at our front door, but because we both knew that this pitiful girl is only one of many such children throughout Ukraine

Note:Terry Hallman was never married to Olga.