Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ongoing abuse attacks on his critcs, claims of a campaign of hate and avoidance continues

Following a series of complaints about the misuse of the for-ua site as a means of trying to give the impression of validation of Mr Hallman business credentials.

What Mr Jeff Mowatt failed to mention that he and Mr Hallman are business associates.

Mr Mowatt, following the deregistration of Mr Hallman's company that was registered in the UK, registered a new company similar in name to Mr Hallman's company. This new company (People-Centred Economic Development Limited UK) has a sole director. Mr Jeff Mowatt. Why he did not keep the old company and just register the change of directors is still a mystery other then it could have something to do with avoiding accountability and the need to provide annual reports and financial statements.

It is also worth noting that Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman are actively engaged in trying to secure funding for the establishment of a WiMax wireless internet service provider network with a projected profit of 700 Million a year. unrealistic given the extent of competition from the landline internet providers and the mobile telephone companies who also are in direct competition with the role out of 3G Edge technology.

Mr Mowatt's company is not registered as having any offices or business activity overseas.

When questions and asked to verify the claims of success of his company and to provide independent references he goes on the attack making abusive and false statements. Anything to avoid answering what under normal circumstances are reasonable and legitimate questions. If some one claims they were involved in a successful project and the evidence to back it up just is not there then the onus is on the persons (in this case Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman) to verify their claims. They have not.

There is not mention of Mr Hallman or P-CED anywhere other then on his web site. NONE.. He held no position of authority or managerial. He may have acted as a 3rd party consultant but again there is no details to support this.

The more you investigate Mr Hallman's claims the more you come upon inconsistencies of this type.

Mr Hallman claims he is a director of an international economic development company. Sound good but reality is far from the perception.

Jeff Mowatt, Peter Crosby and others claim that information questioning the validity of Mr Hallman's statements are part of a campaign of "hate" again trying to deflect and avoid accountability.

We do not "hate" Mr Hallman we recognise him as a person with a degree of intelligence but highly questionable. Some of what he has to say is valid but much of what he says is not true, false and misleading. We wish to draw peoples attention to the extent of exaggeration and misrepresentation. Anyone reading this account can and should do their own research and in doing so serious question what is being pumped out.

Both Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt went on and attacked others whop independently investigated their various claims and came to the same conclusion as we did.

The more Mr Hallman, Mr Mowatt and others attack their critics and subject them to abuse the more we feel this issue needs to be addressed.

We do not hate him but we do not support him either. Blind faith has no home in the world of reality and Mr Hallman resides else where.

Read for yourself and decide.

If you search the internet you will notice a common dialog between the same group of people. Terry Hallman, Jeff Mowatt(both business partners), Philip Giddings and Peter Crosby. Each talking amongst themselves. Mr Mowatt's conversations give the impression that he is an independent contributor. He fails to mention that he is a close business partner of the author of the subject. It is only when he is challenged that this information becomes clear. On further questioning you soon discover that the key to their proposed business plan is to establish a profile and support base seeking funding on the suggestion that the $700 million dollars a year profit will be used to fund Ukrainian orphanages.

More information and clarification is required, we have asked questions and sort answers but none has been forthcoming.