Sunday, September 24, 2006

For-ua Editor responds - Terry Hallman's Death Camps for Children post removed from website

ForUm on the Ukraine's Death Camps for Children thread
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Date: September 24, 2006 08:24AM

First and foremost I wish to say that the Forum on ForUm is a public open forum for discussions about affairs of different kinds. It is not aimed at promotion of anyone's interests or products. The information posted here may not be used as competent and serious evidence in any sort of affairs as far as it is not backed by additional non-virtual evidences.
Secondly, ForUm editorial staff tolerates existence of any information posted in the Forum section until it does not breach the Forum's rules:

1. Use the English language only, NO transliteration
2. Do not use the obscene language
3. Open and unconcealed advertisement is prohibited

Taking into account that social welfare in Ukraine is in very bad conditions (lack of financial aid for kindergartens, orphanages and schools, low paid specialists within the educational sphere etc.), ForUm's editorial staff regarded the existence of the Ukraine's Death Camps for Children thread admissible and waited for Terry Hallman, an author of the thread, to provide the evidences for his allegations or at least revealed the very address of this "death camp." ForUm's editorial staff protected Terry Hallman and gave him an opportunity to voice his views in the Forum and in the Analytics section as the matter of his concern is the very important issue for every civilized citizen in Ukraine – care for Ukrainian orphans. Foreigners used to help Ukrainian orphanages and his aspirations had been regarded as sincere ones. Moreover, ForUm's editorial staff had checked the internet (as the only source available) and found nothing discrediting the very person.
After Hallman's sharp attack on user klapa, as a moderator I was astonished at his behavior. I decided to investigate the very subject of the previous allegations made by pro-humane and Ukr2006/Freespeech. I used the same source the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, I have found lots of information proving that the Death Camp thread is used as promotional campaign:
Jeff.Mowatt - Jun 1, 2006 11:31 pm (#40 Total: 48)
RE: Social Worker seeking to develop an independent social entrepreneurial consulting practice

Hi Lawrence,

Noesis is a UK based consultancy isn't it? If this is the case then the most obvious form of incorporation is the CIC which may be registered with our without shares.

I've been aiming in a similar direction with my software business over the last few years and recently decided, following the death of a colleague, rather than any social enterprise specific structure, that I'd split the revenue between two businesses. One maintaining the UK sales and consultancy effort, with the maintainance and support operation donated to to another operating as an overseas social enterprise. Prior to this I'd been sponsoring the social enterprise from my taxed income.

So hopefully, what I've done will expand the business activity and also release me from the constraint of being on call for support work. Given the disparity in income standards between here and the country of operation, the support revenue which could barely justify a minimum wage for one person here, will support 3 people and fund operations for the target operation, namely exposing Death Camps for Children in Ukraine which I promote unashamedly here because we really need to bring some media attention to this issue and very few are listening.

Jeff Mowatt P-CED
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In conclusion, as a moderator of the Forum, I will delete the thread on Monday.
The Forum is not a place for anyone's promotional campaign even if it is oriented on charity. I will go on with this subject the next week I and my Ukrainian colleague are to meet Ukrainian authorities and ask them to check the information about conditions in the orphanages.