Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jacob Corresponds with Leyla about Hallman

From: "Jacob Smith"
To: "leyla akhundova"
Subject: Re: Fwd: Pavlenko letter
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 16:47:29 -0400


Keep in mind - the tax is just a small part of it.

The primary aim of this company is to secure "public" money for their
projects, which involve a myriad of private enterprises, including this
"Wi-Max" enterprise they have also posted about - an initiative brought on
by Jeff Mowatt.

They will use portions of this public money to pay themselves salaries as
officers on this company.

That is the primary "motus operandi".

There is nothing wrong with this, in principal. This is, after all, how
all charitable organizations work - one cannot devote one's life to
working for no pay!

Yet - the telling thing here - these people have no "track record" at all
- they have never done one single project of substance - they have only
written paper's with the hope of securing funding - funding they have
never gotten because they have yet to prove the ability to actually carry
out these projects.

The concept of "micro-finance" is a very good concept - it allows people
who otherwise would not qualify for a loan, financially, to secure a loan
if they have a good plan for business. This is essential to get the
"small-business person "on their feet" in Ukraine".

Yet while P-CED tries to claim experience in this field - with vague
statements on their web page - they have in fact not done one single thing
past writing reports and proposals - they have never actually implemented
or managed such an undertaking.

As it is - the statement made on their web site that Terry Hallman "came
up with the idea and after reporting it to President Clinton it was
adopted" - as is purported by their representation of it - could never
actually be verified.

The only thing that is REALLY true - is that this company has never done
anything past publishing plans, proposals, and papers - all tageting
public funding that they have never gotten.

Thus - the latest "cause", the Death Camps.