Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hallman calls for Yulia Tymoshenko to be jailed

Terry Hallman the self appointed "human rights advocate" who is illegally living in Kharkov Ukraine has  advocated that Ukraine's Prime-minister Yulia Tymoshenko be jailed for corruption.  This coming from a man who has no real income, investment or legitimate business in Ukraine. Soon he will be caught out by Ukraine's immigration checks and will not be allowed to return to Ukraine.  Hallman even filling in his won letter of invitation using a dodgy business that he has registered as a front for his illegal immigration.  Hallman  was previously banned from Russia and also prevented from  entering the United Kingdom (being banned from entering the UK is not an easy task of a US citizen).

Quotation from Hallman (alias US Expat) latest expose..

"Her living arrangement, BTW, is the definition of corruption. Stateside, she'd already be in federal prison under that one circumstance alone.

Also: not filling an income statement or filling a false income statement would qualify her for prison in the US under tax evasion laws.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another testament of doubt

Tomas Martinez, from Florida USA, has joined the forces of the many who have come to question and doubt the claims made by Mr Hallman. Martinez met Hallman back in 2006 and well needless to say he was not impressed. No one who meets him is.

In a recent post on For-UA Martinez raised the same concerns that many have done so before him.  He joins a list which includes ProHuman, Free Speech, Green Tea, Klappa and a host of others.  All have noticed that Hallman's claims just do not scrub up.

Re: it is time to say goodbye
Posted by: Tom (IP Logged) • Posts: 15494
Date: November 20, 2009 03:04PM

Tom, you and Gene aren't here in Ukraine. You rarely even visit. You barely know what you're talking about most of the time. Neither of you have any real commitments to, or investment in, Ukraine.

Because you live in Ukraine makes you more of an authority on Ukraine?
Tell us about your (Hallman's) accomplishments in Ukraine with children that's been documented in the media showing that you were involved. We don't want to hear about it, we want to see documented facts.

I've known you since 2003, and have never ever questioned your authority on children. But at the same time, I've never seen any solid facts of your work with them. I know many others in this forum have thought of the same, but were afraid to question you.

The only one that called you out was Klappa. (Not true many others before him were not so blind as to see the facts which speak for them self - ed.) Seeming you say I know absolutely nothing about Ukraine, and shouldn't be involved in Ukraine, then show us about what you so much talk about. I'm not going to be another Klappa and hound you about this, because half the crap you talk about I don't believe. We've met personally and recall how paranoid you were around people you didn't know, and so did others. But don't' worry or get paranoid about me because what you have to offer to this forum like myself in this any other forum is limited because we're not Ukrainians. You're absolutely correct.
I'm not going to bother debating with you. I gave up the hippie days long time ago. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time on you reply.
It's time to get out of your padded room. I won't reply.

Posted by: US Expat (Alias Terry Hallman) (IP Logged) • Posts: 3707
Date: November 21, 2009 12:28AM
Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3707
Date: November 21, 2009 12:28AM

I've known you since 2003

You didn't know me then. We first crossed paths, here, in '06. Just to keep facts straight.

Regarding what I do for children, let me put it this way. If you needed to know, you'd know. Please try and understand that you're not in a need-to-know position.  

(Exactly what do you do to children Mr Hallman. What orphanages do you have a close relationship with?   And how is it that not one of your claims of success or business in Ukraine can be independently verified?  When asked to provide references you attack them and refuse to answer what is a valid and reasonable request -ed)

It would appear that no one is in a need to know situration when it comes to Hallman.

Due diligence is advised in any dealings with him.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update: Wikipedia removes Mowatt's self-promotion publication citing it as not notable.

Wikipedia having undertaken a review of Jeff Mowatt's self-promotion of  his virtual Internet business has removed posts submitted by Mr Mowatt trying to write his company -P-CED into the record books.

Jeff Mowatt had previously published on Wikipedia self-sourced commentary/promotion of his company.

Wikipedia like many others reviewed the sources of the claims being made and came to the same conclusion as others that the content could not be verified and did not meet Wikipedia's criteria of being notable

Jeff Mowatt and his partner Terry Hallman have been pumping then internet and then claiming that the publications are testament to their success.   Thankfully in this case Jeff Mowatt and Terry Hallman have once again been caught out. Due Diligence is advised.

People-Centered Economic Development

People-Centered Economic Development (edit|talk|history|links|watch|logs) – (View log)
(Find sources: "People-Centered Economic Development"search, news, books, scholar, images )
Self-sourced non-notable, only here because editors have been jamming in unrelated term searches.
Delete nominator. Fifelfoo (talk) 01:36, 24 September 2009 (UTC)
  • Delete No secondary sources, non-notable. Brianhe (talk) 05:11, 24 September 2009 (UTC)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have a plan

The arrogance of delusion

Suggesting a plan and making a plan are entirely different things. He has no plan, nor does anyone else in government have a plan, nor do any of them know how to make a plan.
- Terry Hallman in commenting on "Yushchenko unveils new economic proposals"

Arrogance or narcissism?

It seams that Terry Hallman, an illegal alien living in Kharkiv Ukraine, has the audacity to criticize Ukraine's President - a former head of the National Bank of Ukraine - for his inability to develop an economic plan.

And this coming from someone who holds no economic qualifications other then being someone who was banded from entering the UK for being an economic migrant.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hallman accuses Ukrainian Pollesters of fraud

The Pot calling the Kettle black

Terry Hallman, A US Citizen and self appointed Human rights Activist illegally living in Kharkiv Ukraine has taken a dislike to recent public opinion polls.

Terry Hallman (a.k.a. US Expat) Kharkiv

Re: Over 80% of Ukrainians planning to participate in presidential elections (21 August 2009 | 14:28)
Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3469
Date: August 25, 2009 12:30AM


for all we know, the methodology of the poll was to question a thousand people at gunpoint.

On SOCIS he made the following unsubstanciated comment

Re: Socis Poll: 25% Of Ukrainians Prepared To Support Yanukovych For President, 20.5% To Vote For Tymoshenko (14:45, Monday, August 17, 2009
Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3469
Date: August 19, 2009 01:01AM

The polls themselves are not what might be considered methodologically sound. My interpretation: they're starting to look outright fraudulent. Who is Socis? Who pays them? If Hrytsenko or Lutsenko actually have 20%+ support, how would that information emerge?


My interpretation: they’re starting to look outright fraudulent. Who pays them? If Hrytsenko or Lutsenko actually have 20%+ support, how would that information emerge?

The polls themselves are not what might be considered methodologically sound.

Re: Socis Poll: 25% Of Ukrainians Prepared To Support Yanukovych For President, 20.5% To Vote For Tymoshenko (14:45, Monday, August 17, 2009
Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3469
Date: August 19, 2009 10:10PM

Is it possible to analyze the pollsters? Is their methodology published? Is the methodology based on stratified random sampling? What are the questions asked? How are they asked? (i.e., neutral or threatening tone of voice by the pollster?) Are any statements made by the pollster in addition to the questions? (for example., statements that would sound threatening?) Is there push polling? (for example, would you vote for this candidate if you know that s/he is a pedophile?)

Moreover, the elephant in the room is that if fabricated and/or dodgy polls are bought and sold, election results are actually rigged in advance by the polls themselves.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Terry Hallman - Economic Migrant banned from entering the UK

Terry Hallman has been banned from entering two countries. He first visited Russia in 1998 on a wife hunting expedition (he is still looking). He was later told to leave Russia and has been denied entry every since.

In 2002 he met up with his business associate and partner Jeff Mowatt who invited Terry Hallman to visit the UK. On trying to re-enter the UK after a fling in the Prague both Terry Hallman and Jeff Mowatt were arrested and detained in Calais with Terry Hallman a US Citizen being declared an economic migrant and denied entry into the UK.

Terry Hallman has since been hiding out in Ukraine. Terry has been "working" in Ukraine without a visa or permission to work in Ukraine. His latest "Business" visa was issued in Moldova where he had presented documents by his own "company" inviting himself to visit Ukraine. (Something that is expressly forbidden under Ukraine immigration guidelines). Ukraine has since tightened up on its visa requirements and Terry Hallman would soon have to leave Ukraine at which time if he reenters Ukraine again his documentation will be checked for conformity with Ukraine's immigration laws.

Jeff Mowatt wrote on his blog the following

I'd invited Terry to the UK where we begun developing a new strategy paper. We visited Prague with a view to setting up an operation there. On return with several weeks left on his leave to enter and me a UK subject we we detained by immigration at Calais who had concluded that Terry was an economic migrant and no longer welcome. We were both removed from immigation (sic) in the back of a French police van, held in a cell while papers were checked and released, for me to find a taxi and ferry home.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Terry Hallman's abuse escapes moderation

Terry Hallman's recent tirade of abuse is true to form. His attack on Jacob Smith and the publication of Jacob Smith's private personal details demonstrates Mr Hallman's unprofessional character.

It was similar attacks against those that dare raise criticism of Mr Hallman that lead to the creation of this Internet log on Mr Hallman himself. The more we looked into Mr Hallman's past the more questions and doubts were raised.

Mr Hallman is a self proclaimed "Civil Rights" activist who is illegally operating in Ukraine. His company "People Centered Economic Development" (PCED) consists of Mr Hallman, A computer and an Internet connection and a $300 a month flat in Kharkov Ukraine. He is funded by his associate and business partner Jeff Mowatt from the UK.

Terry Hallman is quick to attack his detractors and critics by falsely accusing them of working against the needs and interests of Ukraine's disadvantage.

The more we delved into Mr Hallman's activities the more unsubstantiated claims we discovered. Mr Hallman has claimed that he is actively involved in economic development and work with Ukrainian Orphanages.

In spite Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's claims to be working with Ukrainian Orphanages they have failed to provide the names of orphanages or any independent referees who can substantiate his involvement. in fact in all cases where he has claimed to be involved the only references we found were comments initiated or published on the Internet by Mr Hallman himself. A lone operator working outside the system and the laws of Ukraine.

Mr Hallman has claimed he is a close associate of US President Bill Clinton and he was a pioneer of micro financing economics even though there is no other recognition of this statement other then what Mr Hallman and his associates have published (Jeff Mowatt even going so far as writing himself in to the history books by publishing unsubstantiated self promotional reports on Wikipedia - something that is prohibited by the terms of the Wikipedia foundation.

Mr Hallman's ongoing abuse of his critics has extended to a campaign of further abuse and attacks against free speech and Ukraine's English language media. (Mr Hallman has been living in Ukraine since 2002 and still can not speak Ukrainian) Mr Hallman, who is a US citizen and not Ukrainian, is actively involved in political pursuits in Ukraine. He is a English editor of Maidian Web site, the voice of Pora Ukraine's political youth party. His abusive attacks, backed up by his associates, have brought into disrepute, caused the closure of Pravda English web, compromised Wikipedia and now he and his partner are engaged in a smear campaign and attack on KyivPost. Mr Hallman displays the symptoms of a severe case of narcissism and other psychological problems associated with substance abuse and an overinflated sence of self impotantance.

The publication of Jacob Smith and others private contact details and address is a direct attempt of intimidation and abuse.

Mr Hallman's recent attack on Jacob Smith is promoted by lies and further false claims of victimisation.

Jacob Smith's pleas for fair and just moderation of the web Mr Hallman's playground has fallen on selective death ears.

Mr Hallman's attack on Jacob Smith was unprovoked and uncalled for.

Peter Crosby, the moderator of the web site, has shown a consistent bias in his moderation. He has never once held Mr Hallman or Mr Mowatt to account for their abuse of other participants. Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt, it would appear, has absolute immunity where as others who do not share the same political point of view of the online forum moderators have been subjected to ongoing abuse and harassment in an attempt to prevent their participation in the public debate.

When they failed to silence their critics they were banned by the moderators who have been very selective in who they impose a censorship ban and who they permit to stay. All claim to be advocates of a fee media and free speech.

Hallman's critics respond to his callas attacks

The following extract speaks for itself and is another example of Terry Hallman's abusive and demented personality. Terry Hallman is his own worst enemy which explains much about why he is a failed entrepreneur.

Jacob Smith (Alias klapa) has rightly come out and attacked Terry Hallman for his victimisation and cowardly attack of his critics. In an article on the sale of Kyiv Post, Terry Hallman has criticised the owners of Kyivpost and anyone who supports the independence of Ukraine's media.

In the course of the debate Hallman attacked Jacob Smith and published personal contact details about Jacob's family in what was seen as an act of intimidation. (This was not the first time Terry Hallman has sought to intimidate his critics in such callas manner) It is littler wonder why Hallman has failed to attract supporters or gullible investors. Many of his past contacts have commented that his drinking and drug abuse problems may have some cause to his ongoing abuse.

Jacob Smith responds:

Posted by: klapa (IP Logged) • Posts: 405
Date: August 5, 2009 11:20PM

Exactly USX (aka Terry Halman) - ... KP is a decent paper - and we are not dependent on your petty personal battles here - you do not own this place. We can post articles from Kiev Post and at least rely on the fact that they TRY to be objective - even if they do not completely espouse the "USExpat agenda for a better world".

To indict a whole news organization simply because they allow on of your detractors to post his mind - is - quite simply - NARROW MINDED. And that IS what you are doing here.,

So - your retort is to threaten my personal life with "internet attacks" - that is a personal attack in my opinion - and I will report it to the moderator here - because somebody needs to "reign you in" UsExpat.

Just who do you think you are anyway?

don't ever threaten my personal family again.

US expat (Hallman) Wrote:
> Quote:I disagree with you that it is a worthless
> newspaper
> Please clarify where I said that.

You as much as intimated that here:

"But, thanks for playing the always loyalist to KP by way of citing them here ten times more often than everyone else combined."

As well as here:

"I have issues with Kyiv Post with their using my name as bait for cheap hits."

We will all leave it to UsExpat to define for us all what is "real journalism" - and in the meantime aim personal attacks at those whom would disagree with the UsExpat "vision for the world" - including the definition or what is "real journalism".

It is not that it is wrong to argue that some source may or not may be accurate - what is wrong is to use personal information to threaten people - such as you have done here - and in an earlier post I could cite.

Don't worry - I've got thick skin - and many friends in Ukraine as well - just in case.

Terry Hallman replies with more abuse

Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3352
Date: August 6, 2009 12:39AM

You excuse yourself for your own personal attacks against me, Jeff, Pete, Tom and God alone knows how many other people? You attempt to injure my business and my friends by aiding and abetting a psychopath? And now you're upset? You poor little baby.

This isn't personal. It's just business. I have nothing against your wife, but she is listed with you in public information on the Internet -- which is what I posted. Public information. I made no threat against your personal family, nor you, unless public information is a threat to you. Your wife has the ready option of no-fault divorce, just in case, in North Carolina. She's protected financially in that regard. A restraining order will provide physical protection.

Posted by: klapa (IP Logged) • Posts: 405
Date: August 6, 2009 12:51AM

The whole idea of this message you have posted IS personal - and WAY out of line with what would be considered to be "political debate".

Enough is enough!

One of US must go - it will probably be me - but I will say again - if you persist to post the "public information" that you "mine" - don't think it will not fall back on you.

Keeping in mind - that I have "public information" - because I have "a life".

Unlike some others.

I will further say - the only way you possibly were able to ferret out my personal information was by your access to my email from my Forum.UA login.

Thus - Forum.UA might be liable here.

You had better CEASE AND DESIST from this moment forward with any references to personal information, else I will consider action against if the moderators do not step in to stop your scurrilous threats when you don't get your way.

The only place here I have ever injected my family is in the "Kiev Cafe" - which - as far as I am am concerned - is "off-limits" for political fodder.

Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3352
Date: August 6, 2009 01:50AM

I will further say - the only way you possibly were able to ferret out my personal information was by your access to my email from my Forum.UA login.

Thus - Forum.UA might be liable here.

Hardly. To clarify, this is from my inbox here:

Once again @#$%& CALL
From: klapa
To: US expat
Date: 09/22/06 07:38AM

Well - the private message must not have made it - you liar - you said you had "modem problems".

So here it is you @#$%& liar.




One minute later:

Call you ASSHOLE!
From: klapa
To: US expat
Date: 09/22/06 07:39AM

Well - the private message must not have made it - you liar - you said you had "modem problems".

So here it is you @#$%& liar.




There's no need to hack my way into my own account, FYI.

Those messages were your first contact with me. What was it you wanted to talk about?

Now we know Hallman is the one lying here.

Posted by: klapa (IP Logged) • Posts: 405
Date: August 6, 2009 02:04AM

Simple - as I said - you inject personal attacks that are unwarranted and against the forum rules.

You have been reported - and we will see how fair the moderation system here is - as far as I am concerned - you should be banned.

You are the one whom has made this "personal" - by bringing into any reference to Kiev Post your "angst" against the fact that they allow your "arch-enemy" - whom actually lives in the same city as you - to express his opinion.

When someone such as I call you out on it - you threaten some vague "exposure" of personal information on the internet.

Expose away UsExpat - if that helps to placate your poor non-existence.

This is a fabrication - and a blatant abuse of the rules of this forum.

I demand this poster to be banned immediately.

Let us see that the rules, as set forth in the "policy", are enforced.

In a typicaly derranged and sick reply Hallman responds with more abuse. (Moderator Peter Crosby remain on the sidelines allowing Hallman's abuse to continue.

Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3352
Date: August 6, 2009 02:25AM

Simple - as I said - you inject personal attacks that are unwarranted and against the forum rules.

That is quite an interesting phenomenon called psychological projection. If interested, wiki has a pretty good introductory article about it. [] It's also sometimes referred to more informally as "pot calling the kettle black."

You have been reported

Yikes! And, uhhmm, I reported myself to moderators as soon as I posted the part that I unilaterally redacted after two days.

- and we will see how fair the moderation system here is - as far as I am concerned - you should be banned.

Well, as far as you're concerned, it's okay to haul corpses you shot dead, to inside your home to make it look like self-defense.

Posted by: klapa (IP Logged) • Posts: 405
Date: August 6, 2009 02:26AM

klapa Wrote:
> This is a fabrication - and a blatant abuse of the
> rules of this forum.
> I demand this poster to be banned immediately.
> Let us see that the rules, as set forth in the
> "policy", are enforced.
> Edited 1 times. Last edit at 08/06/09 02:22AM by
> klapa.

Here are the basic rules as given to me by a previous editor:
A moderator will be a watchdog for violations of the simple rules: no copy-paste, no obscene words, no personal attacks, no flaming, no flood.

For the above: you make personal attacks, and you flood.

Safe in the undertsanding that he has immunity and will not be held to accoutn for his abuse Hallman continues his abuse (rfemember he has a pattern of such abuse)

Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3352
Date: August 6, 2009 02:43AM

I told moderators that I will do what is needed in self-defense. You were one of the authors of the "opinion" that Kyiv Post allowed to be posted on their site, which you're suddenly trying to pin exclusively on v.d. Craap now that the noose is tightening by your own hand. That "opinion" was a smear site loaded with little more than libel and personal attacks. And, for the nothing it's worth, was a direct violation of Kyiv Post's own rules. But they needed the hits, and now we know why per the topic of this thread.

Posted by: klapa (IP Logged) • Posts: 405
Date: August 6, 2009 02:55AM

As I have said - you had better stop the personal attacks.

I will "rest my piece" there - yet I do have options in Ukraine should you persist.

Your biggest mistake might be to underestimate my "reach". I'll leave that for you to decide - and for me to arrange.

I will just say that you better stop dissing my family and publishing my personal info - and - for now - I will leave it at that.

Roll it over in you mind - UsExCraps. Who knows what the future might hold, eh?

Jacob Smiths plea to the bias moderators falls on death ears as the abuse and intimidation continues

Posted by: klapa (IP Logged) • Posts: 405
Date: August 6, 2009 03:01AM

I have asked and I do ask again - where are the moderators of this forum to stop such obvious personal attacks?

This is a "forum" that is biased towards a "charity business" that UsExFart is involved in - thus he can "see no evil and speak no evil" as far as the moderators here are concerned.

Better I am gone from here as this is not a fairly moderated place - just a place to gather financial information from the posters and then "mine" them.

Yet I have a point - the moderators here BETTER well delete the personal information posted by the old sod UsExFart.

In the meantime - I will find my own "permanent" remedy for the problem.

Having attacked and abused his critics Hallman then claims he is a victim and in need to protection

Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3352
Date: August 6, 2009 03:24AM

Your last two messages sound suspiciously like personal threats. Coming from you, with the violent attitudes you've communicated, violent personal threats sounds like a safe assumption. It would be up to a judge to decide. A US judge. Communicating threats is a US federal crime.

You've also committed assault in your previous two messages:

Assault and battery is the combination of the crimes of threat (assault) and actual beating (battery).
An assault is:

1. An unlawful attempt, coupled with apparent ability, to commit a violent injury on the person of another; or
2. An intentional, unlawful threat by word or act to do violence to the person of another, coupled with an apparent ability to do so, and doing some act which creates a well-founded fear in such other person that such violence is imminent.


Your clear and pronounced violent tendencies are cause for concern to people in general. If I were in moderators' spot right now, I'd be standing back and letting you finish hanging yourself in the interest of public safety.

It is becoming more and more apparent that Terry Hallman has been suffering another bout of on substance abuse.

Posted by: klapa (IP Logged) • Posts: 405
Date: August 6, 2009 03:39AM

Whatever - drunk UsExFart - your only life is the life of others..

The Pot calls the Kettle black (LOL)

Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3352
Date: August 6, 2009 04:00AM

Hmmmmm. You said you were leaving.

The 'drunk' comment sounds like another pot kettle black thing. Fueled by --- Mr. Jack Daniels of Kentucky?

You seem to be having a psychotic episode this evening.

Posted by: klapa (IP Logged) • Posts: 405
Date: August 7, 2009 05:33AM

Well, actually "UsExPat" - I have to get up everyday and go to an ACTUAL job - where I am depended upon to perform an ACTUAL function - and actually participate in a "business" that has a "bottom line". Many people depend on my designs and unlike you I don;t have the "luxury" of government grants waiting on charity to deliver some "service" for which there is really no profit motive nor "product" - only overloaded administration "expenses" from the many "hanger's on" reaping inflated salaries from their "humanitarian efforts" - such as yourself.

Based on what I have read - the one "in the bottle here" is quite obviously you.

Not to mention that you seem to have time 24/7 to "contribute" your tripe. That alone says plenty about your current "work ethic" - or rather lack of it.

I'm sure another government grant is just "right around the corner", eh? Else - good old social security will suffice - yet there's that nasty new law now, eh? The one about having to leave for six months?

Oh well - I'm sure you've got that all figured out already, right?

Getting very petty Hallman responds with further abuse.

Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3352
Date: August 7, 2009 07:25AM

I don;t have the "luxury" of government grants

(Don't is spelled with an apostrophe, not a semicolon)

Nor do I. It's something you and yours fabricated and posted as fact. It's called a "straw-man argument", a logical fallacy. I've already told you I won't argue those with you.

The rest of the message was an ad hominem attack, another logical fallacy.

Terry Hallman's "Business" partner and lover comes to the rescue and joins Terry Hallman in further abuse ignoring the fact that this unsolicted attacked was initiated by Terty Hallman himself. (The moderator Peter Crosby selectuve absence from the scean is noted)

Posted by: Jeff Mowatt (IP Logged) • Posts: 1658
Date: August 7, 2009 10:37AM

Me neither. No grants and the right to do whatever we choose with earned income. That choice is focussed on trying to help vulnerable children in whatever way we see fit.

But then you know that already, doing your best as a member of Aspergers Anonymous to defame that effort and harm that business.

Clearly you've no more idea of what you're talking about now than you did then

What else do you do, other than trying to piss on the shoes of others to justify your existence

It's your name featured on the blog, clown. He's putting you in the frame for what he hasn't got the courage to write in his own name.

Go figure why he's got a 'legal representative" who's a barrister concealing her own identity to break the rules and threaten a member of the public with litigation. Ask yourself why she deleted that genealogy page referring to her "dysfunctional family".

Three years ago, few knew the extent to which children were being harmed. That's no longer the case since Albert Pavlov and Mykhailo Syrota spoke out.

By that token those impeding or obstructing anyone calling for reform are in their own right harming children.
So continue with your threats and demands. Neither of us are answerable to you, whereas it's becoming increasing clear that you and your sick puppeteer have much to answer for.

Update: The offensive published attack on Kyivpost and Klapa has been removed but Mr Hallman continues to post unabated his self promotional activities. (Any opther person who had breached the forum guidlines would have been banned but Mr Hallman has protective immunity)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hallman continues to stalk his critics

Terry Hallman, a US Citizen and illegal immigrant hiding out in in Kharkov Ukraine has stalked his critics and has published confidential private details of Jacob Smith including the name and address of Jacob Smith's wife.

Jacob Smith, who's wife is Ukrainian, participates in various` public discussion forums on Ukraine.

Jacob Smith became suspicious of Mr Hallman's activities back in 2006 alerted the publishers of for-ua news service who having investigated numerous specious claims by Mr Hallman removed various posts and articles published by Mr Hallman on their web site.

Mr Hallman is a self appointed Human Rights activist from North Carolina USA, illegally living in Kharkov Ukraine. His Company "People Centered Economic Development" has no legally registered address, office and or assets in Ukraine. Mr Hallman has been expelled from both Russia and the UK where his company by the same name was de-registered.

Mr Hallman claims he is actively involved in economic programmes to assist Ukrainian Orphans. Due diligence reviews have raised numerous questions and doubts as to his project involvements and claims of success.

All information that is available on the Internet was as a result of self promotion by Mr Hallman's associate and business partner UK citizen Jeff Mowatt or Mr Hallman himself, including various posting on Wikipedia. Mr Hallman when requested failed to provide referees who can independently verify his claims of being a successful and legitimate businessman. Mr Hallman was unable to provide the names and address of one single Orphanage or agency he is associated with. He has claimed he is associated with USAid even though USAid in Ukraine denies any association or involvement with Mr Hallman or his Company.

Terry Hallman's attacks and acts of intimidation against his detractors is a common occurrence.

Mr Hallman, who publishes under the anonymity of US Expat, has previously made similar attacks of harassment and intimidation against those who have rightly challenged his assertions and credibility.

Mr Hallman published comments and publication of Jacob Smith's private contact details have been removed following numerous complaints of harassment and intimidation to the For-ua moderators. Although his actions are in direct breach of the forum rules Mr Hallman has not been banned from participating although others who have committed lessor offenses have.

No one is safe from Mr Hallman's the abuse and personal attacks

Mr Hallman published the following comments (along with details of Jacob Smith's address and private telephone number) which have since been removed

Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3324
Date: August 2, 2009 08:14AM

(Image depicting Jacob Smith and his wife's name and address omitted - PCED Review)

"Does DHS know you're in the game of hiding child abuse? FBI? Your wife Yulia? Anyone stateside?

Surely Yuliya doesn't yet know. She's Ukrainian. What sort of Ukrainian immigrant to the US would be in a league with a husband in the game of hiding child abuse in Ukraine? "
His posts having been removed Mr Hallman then gloated about his intent and published the following comment in reply

Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3335

It ran two days as intended. It drew in a possibly innocent bystander, Jacob's wife, so I don't think it's fair to leave the information posted. I can't justify harming an innocent person along the way of trying to help other innocent people -- children or adults. The ends can't justify that means.

Last edit at 08/04/09 10:55AM by US expat.

No mention of the harm and damage he has caused by falsely accusing Ukrainian and International Child Welfare worker's of being involved in a conspiracy of genocide and mass murder of children in Ukrainian Orphanages. Claims that were designed to attract media attention in order to promote Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's business activities in Ukraine. Little wonder why no legitimate organisation wants to be associated with him.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Terry Hallman (Alias US Expat) accuses Kharkiv OVIR of Corruption

Terry Hallman, a US Citizen who has been hiding out in Kharkiv, Ukraine, has run foul of the Ukrainian Immigration Laws.

Changes to Ukraine's immigration regulations limit US citizens to stays of 90 days at any one time.

Mr Hallman, who runs a shame Economic Development Company, has accused the Kharkiv OVIR Immigration office of corruption. Hallman also claims that the tougher regulation will limit foreign investment. Hallman's company People Centred Economic Development has not assets, has no registered office. It's what is referred to as a NINJA company. No Income, No Jobs. - It certainly is not a economic development company

Hallman, who has a drinking problem, lives in a limited budget provided by his partner in crime Jeff Mowatt and can not afford to leave Ukraine every three months let alone live abroad. He has already been banned from staying in Russia and the UK.

His life of deceit and cheap living in Ukraine is threatened as the new regulations will most likely catch him out and his stay in Ukraine will no doubt come to an abrupt end soon.

It is unlikely that the US embassy will assist as any investigation onto the activities of Mr Hallman's company will be more of an embarrassment to the US government.

Mr Hallman's allegations of corruption can not be taken seriously either as Mr Hallman is renowned to exaggerate such claims.

The Kharkiv Office will not look too kindly on Hallman's accusations and they will most likely ensure that the rule of Ukrainian law will soon put an end to Hallman's illegal stay on Ukraine.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jeff Mowatt - NINJA Exec exposed pumping Wikipedia

Jeff Mowatt, Executive Director of People Centred Economic Development has been caught red handed pumping the pages of Wikipedia in order to promote his NINJA (No Income NO Job or Assets) company in Ukraine

As part of their strategy of self promotion Mr Mowatt has decided to add his own NINJA company to the Wikipedia listings to self promote and pump the Internet.

Self promotion is prohibited by Wikipedia's guidelines BUT this has not stopped Jeff Mowatt from trying to have his company listed as a "successful" economic development enterprise listing his Business Partner Terry Hallman as a "Pioneer of People Centred Economics" a brand of "Not for profit" or as Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt refer to themselves as "profit for poverty". A way of promoting yourself as a charity when you are not a charity thus to avoiding the rules and regulations that would otherwise govern a charitable organisations.

It is actions like Mr Mowatt's promotion this that brings Wikipedia into disrepute.

The inclusion and reference in Wikipedia would
give them some prestige and recognition.would no doubt also be used to try and give some form of credibility and legitimacy to Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's specious claims of managing a successful development company in Ukraine and Russia.

Wikipedia have been altered of this scam and breach of their guidelines and a request has been made to have Mr Mowatt's self promotion removed.

Wikipedia is also open to liability should it allow Mr Mowatt's listings to remain published as it would be liable for not having undertaken any due diligence checks of the publish claims made by Mr Mowatt about the success of their company, particularly given that they had been altered about the beaches of their own policy .

Recent changes to Ukraine's immigration laws and business visa requirements will hopefully make it more difficult for foreign companies such as Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman's to operate in Ukraine. Ukraine will now require more information and have the means of better monitoring the activates of foreign investors and business men operating in Ukraine to ensure that their activities are legitimate and in full compliance with Ukrainian laws.

A review of People Centred Economic Development has shown that they have no registered office, no substantial or recorded income, no jobs or no assets in Ukraine. They are a virtual company. Not one of the claimed successes as documented in this blog could be independently verified.

Mr Hallman, a previously registered company director in the UK, was expelled from Russia and the UK.

The only references available are derived from postings made by Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman themselves. No doubt they were looking to use Wikipedia to add to their claims as being a successful "International Corporation executives"

Friday, February 20, 2009

Terry Hallman pumping the internet with no independent verification available to back up his claims of success

Terry Hallman is a prolific writer on the Internet as can be seen if you do a google search on his name and Ukraine.

Mr Hallman comments on anything and everything he can in order to get his name printed and searchable on the Internet. At first glance you would be forgiven into thinking this guy is out there seriously getting involved, but if you take time to do some independent research and look further into his postings you soon realise that much of what he has to say is highly questionable and exaggerated self-promotion. He draws upon research and reports of others published on the Internet and in doing so seeks to mislead by associating his name with their work and indirectly with their organisation.

Mr Hallman and his associates are pushing a new ism called Capitalist-Socialism pushing the idea of making profit for poverty (or as we prefer to refer to it as making profit from poverty). Capitalist-Socialism heavily draws on ideas surrounding the benefits of microfinancing.

Microfinancing is not new it has been around for sometime. What Terry Hallman falsely claims is that he was the pioneer of this new "ism". But research shows this is far from the truth.

All of Mr Hallman's claimed achievements such as the Tomsk and Crimean projects are not independently verifiable or backed by anyone other then what he and his associates write themselves. Most of the information available is cross referenced to many of his numerous positing on the Internet and his web site and A circle of cross references.

There are no independent referees that can be called upon to verify his claims, It is this lack of independent verification along with his concerns about his "company" that started to alert us that something was not right.

The Tomsk project

We looked into the Tomsk project which Mr Hallman claimed to be involved in and was a huge success. When you read the summary on his web page you begin to notice what's missing rather then what is there. There is no mention exactly of Mr Hallman or his companies role in the project. In fact if you search for Terry Hallman and the Tomsk project there is no mention of Terry Hallman or P-CED anywhere other then on his posts, which we thought was strange. What position did Terry Hallman have with this project and how is it that there is no independent information backing up his involvement with the project.

If you follow the links published you end up with a non-existent web site or information about Tomsk but nothing about Terry Hallman and the project itself.

We searched the USAID database and again could not find any mention of Mr Hallman or his company on the USAID site. You would think that such a successful and important project would have a write up and at least appear on the USAID annual reports. Nothing was found. We wrote to USAID asking for verification and confirmation as to Mr Hallman's association with USAID. We received a letter on October 6, 2006 stating that the USAID office had no knowledge of Terry Hallman or his company.

The Crimean project

Similar experience with the Crimean project. Again no independent referees or information to confirm the claimed successes of this project.

What we did discover was that the Crimean partners, who Mr Hallman required in order to secure any funding, whilst interested in the project did not want to work with Mr Hallman who was trying to secure a managerial position over the project. The project never got off the ground, It never developed beyond concept stage. There was no detailed business plan, no administration, no management or infrastructure or any financing of the project. Having been denied a job or support Mr Hallman then sort to claim a project commission fee of US$15,000 for his unsolicited work in drafting the concept paper. When this payment, which was equivalent to three years average annual salary in Ukraine, was refused Mr Hallman acted to exercised his "intellectual property rights" and withdraw the project from further consideration. Terry Hallman claimed that the reason for the withdrawal was due to corruption associated with his allocated Crimean partner. Whilst the allegation of corruption is plausible there is no evidence available that backup or supports Mr Hallman's claims of corruption other then his own statements.

The project most defiantly was not a success and never received funding or approval from USAID (see above).


Mr Hallman has been living in Ukraine since 2002 apart from some time he spent in London (he was later excluded and denied entry into the United Kingdom) and in Prague around 2003-2004 he returned to Ukraine with limited funding and registered a company in Kharkiv (No: 33607852). His company is nothing more then a computer, a business card and a rubber stamp. P-CED has not office, no assets and no capital investments in Ukraine. Mr Hallman lives in a $180 apartment in Kharkiv.

Terry Hallman had previously registered a company "People-Cantered Economic Development Limited (P-CED) whilst he was living in London. (This company was deregistered in 2005 following Mr Hallman's exclusion from the United Kingdom).

In May 2005 Mr Jeff Mowatt a business associate of Mr Hallman registered a new company People-Centered Economic Development Limited UK at the same address as Mr Hallman's deregistered company was listed.

Director of International Economic Development Company in Ukraine

Mr Hallman presents himself as a founding director of an international economic development company based in Ukraine. Anyone reading this statement would at first form the impression that Mr Hallman was someone of considerable experience and success in business but this is far from the truth or the full picture.

When about his company and its registration, offices and achievements Mr Hallman with the support of Mr Jeff Mowatt retaliated with a campaign of abuse, lies and misinformation attacking those that asked questions challenging the claims and the veracity being made. The aim of this attack is two fold, first it was to try and deflect attention away from the questions asked and issues surrounding the activities of Mr Hallman and his company, second it was to try and dis-encourage any person from asking questions publicly.

If the questions continued, as we and others, who were independent, continued to ask questions on pubkic forum, Mr Hallman and his associates began a campaign abuse by falsely claiming that the questions asked are personal and part of a campaign of hate towards Mr Hallman himself. The reaction to this ongoing abuse and his refusal to answer questions aksed creates a flame with each parting becoming embroiled in an online argument. There aim of this is to have them gang up and then seek to have the person asking the questions banned from speaking out, backup by none other then the group itself. This is exactly what happened on the site where Terry Hallman, Jeff Mowatt, Philip Giddings, Tom and Peter Crosby (who was mislead into supporting Mr Hallman) went on the attack. More on this issue later. anyone who questioned Mr Hallman was subjected to this gang abuse which naturally discouraged anyone from asking questions. Its a form of censorship and the questions that were originally asked go unanswered and they avoid open scrutiny and accountability that otherwise would have exposed them for what they are.


We could find no means of independent verification of Mr Hallman or his company claims of success. We know that his company is nothing much more then a computer, a business card and a rubber stamp. It has no assets, no offices and no capital investments in Ukraine. Mr Hallman has been in Ukraine since 2002 and has had no success in establishing his business. Mr Hallman continues to pump the Internet with stories and articles about his political activities and ideas in the hope that he can create a favourable impression. His specious claims of being able to secure millions of dollars in funding are unsupported. Most of what he has claimed is exaggerated and embellished beyond belief.

Doom and delusional - US Expat rants and ravs

The below text and post was posted by Terry Hallman(A.k.a. US Expat)

It is a copy of a delusional rant and rave (Common for Mr Hallman) where he write to "Vice-President John Edwards" in 2004 No doubts had John Edwards received such a letter he would have either clicked on the delete button or forwarded it to the FBI for investigation.

Notably Mr Hallman is lamenting the passing of Hunter S Thompson, another self deluded substance abuser who had taken way too many drugs, We leave it up to you to decide if this is the writing of a delusional US citizen or not...

Doom and Revolution
Posted by: US expat
Date: February 20, 2009 06:38PM,68850

This is a reprint of a tribute to Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, on the 5th anniversary of his checking out of Hotel Earth. Herein readers may, for whatever weird reasons or lack thereof in this dust particle we live on (infect), find something strikingly similar to a blueprint for the 2008 US preznit race on the Dem side.


Doom and Revolution

February 25, 2005
Kharkiv, Ukraine

I hadn't much intention of doing anything with the following letter except keeping it stored on my near-decrepit hard drive, still with me faithfully after all these years and now in Kharkiv, Ukraine. That's more than I can say for some women I know, who as I understand it are deservedly wretched now.

Then, Hunter S. Thompson checked out five days ago.

This letter would likely have remained deep inside information `for eyes only' of a privileged few in the US otherwise.


"US expat"
North Carolina, USA
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Vice-President John Edwards
Washington, DC

September 27, 2004

Re: Predators, parasites and weasels in the US White House; straight talk; Turning Point

Dear VP Edwards:

A few weeks ago, near the end of the Democratic National Convention, I received messages first from President Clinton, then the next day from you. Both invited me to contribute something to the campaign, be it cash or other. In that I've already offered up my life to fire up the poverty `issue' for you, along with the pending question of economic rights in America, and in that both of you should know better than to ask me for input if you don't want serious input, I am responding accordingly. Look at this from a gonzo perspective for best view. As far as I can tell, gonzo pretty much sums up the current state of the US nation at this point, in the weirdest version of America to date. If you don't know what gonzo is, ask Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. He is a professional, after all.

Here we go.

First, one thing clear: this isn't intended to be polite, but merely effective. Right about now, I figure effective counts for far more than polite anyway. You're in a tight race which, for the life of me, I cannot understand why it's so tight. Or at least I couldn't until I forcibly sat myself down and thought about it. The answer struck me fairly quickly, but I've had to think about it for a few weeks to be sure I have it right. Fortunately for you, President Kerry and President Clinton, I'm almost always right about everything, so we needn't worry too much about the veracity of all of this. President Clinton knows that, or at least he knew it at one point. Maybe he remembers. I expect so. He has a mind like a steel trap.

You're in a campaign that should be a hands down, slam dunk win for us Democrats. It shouldn't be closer than 8 points in our favor at this point, but, polls say it's pretty much tied. We even have to worry about the pathetic Nader Factor!

I can tell you have Gore's campaign team at work for you. Fortunately for me, I'm in exile, by Absolute Necessity or I'd have suffered completely to death in the US by now. Credit due and payable to Brit friends who saw fit to keep me alive when almost nobody in America saw the same. I'm eight time zones east of the US just now, in the former Soviet Union to be precise, so if America goes to hell in a handbasket by way of another Bush theft plus Democratic incompetence, I've hedged my meager bets insofar as possible. If Dems in the US can't fend off this Cheney/Bush cabal, I don't know what to do except maybe surrender and concede that we Dems are all hopelessly, terminally stupid. That's a distinct possibility.

But, I'm not quite ready to concede that point. Tempted, yes. Ready, no. Which, of course, is why I'm writing this.

Here's the way I see things: hoodlums versus good guys, us being the good guys. Again, fortunately, I'm in the former Soviet Union, and am therefore quite more familiar on a daily, routine basis with the crisp distinction between hoodlums and good guys than are most Americans. In fact, I'm deeply concerned that nearly half of the American populace have gone mad, as evidenced by polls indicating that almost half of US voters apparently want Bush as US president.

Thinking back over US history, I realize that the Constitution was created more than 100 years before the advent of modern psychology via William James. Thus, our Founding Fathers had no basis by which to anticipate that a significant portion of the US voting populace might be clinically insane at any given point in time.

Nobody is perfect, I suppose.

And here's what I see wrong with the current campaign, and why we're not up by high single digits or low double digits: you and President Kerry tend to wait for the Bush side to attack, slander, lie, mislead, and generally twist reality beyond recognition, and then you respond defensively to try and put things right again.

Too late!!! It's ALWAYS too late in such a case, because the bad guys got the upper hand and everybody sees it, which in turn makes our intelligence and capability suspect. And rightly so. It becomes difficult to distinguish us Dems from blithering idiots. We already have one of those in the Oval Office. So why change? Nearly half of US voters apparently can't see why either at this point. And so the polls show a dead heat, a tie, and a real chance that the Bush cabal just might prevail, after all. If we can't fight off these guys, even knowing for certain what they'll do, how they operate, who and where they are, how can we be expected to fight off nebulous international terrorists?

Whatever happened to taking the first shot against bad guys who we know are out to get us? There is the danger of running a campaign on the high road: our opponents LIVE on the low road, that's all they know, it's their genetic predisposition, and that is therefore all they can do.

Did you know that?

Take the first shot, from now to November 10 to be on the safe side. Preemptive warfare is risky foreign policy, but useful and pragmatic US domestic election policy because it's kept only in our own backyard - not something we want or need to export, but a messy little slice of necessity nonetheless. The Bush side has already figured that out, in spades, but they use it domestically and internationally. If they get their way on the goofy and deadly-expensive political distraction of the Mars mission, it's almost certainly the first thing they'll ship out, bombing rocks and dirt if nothing else is found.

Keep the high road, but that doesn't mean not kicking those dogs where they live. They just don't know any better than to do what they do, to say what they say, and to twist the Truth beyond all recognition even after DNA analysis. On our side, American voters are mostly figuring that if we Democrats don't know this, or some brilliant or at least capable Democratic minds can't figure it out, then we don't deserve the US White House. And they're absolutely right, of course, even if nearly half are insane at this point. Good Lord, the current state of affairs is enough to drive anyone crazy!

This election should go down in a landslide in our favor as Dems because the Bush side has so much negative baggage as to make them not only untenable but nauseating. How can this have not come to light by now? Who the hell are you paying to run the campaign aside from the previous Gore miscreants? We Dems are right and the other side is wrong, and if you don't believe me, ask Jim Carville. He knows. Where is he, anyway? God forbid he's come under the thumb of his dear Republican other half. More likely he just isn't able to care any more, and has already conceded that we Dems have become hopelessly, helplessly stupid. I know the feeling. Maybe he's right. But, again, I'm not ready just yet to concede that point.

Here's what to do, which you're NOT doing already: hammer hell out of the opposition and keep them on the defensive instead of the other way around. We've got crooks, scumbags, sociopaths, psychopaths, and thieves - a.k.a. predators, parasites, and weasels, and I'm being charitable - in the US White House, and you're sitting around waiting for them to do what we all KNOW they're going to do - lie, deceive, distort, and generally malfunction - and then we put up a pansy defense, on grounds that we're trying to maintain the moral high ground by not attacking them the way they so richly deserve and require in the minds of manly, red-blooded US voters and their families.

Think blitzkrieg times two. Hit hard, fast, repeatedly, incessantly, two more strikes while they're seething and scurrying like rabid rats from the last one.

Bombs away! The bad guys should be on the defensive, constantly and then some and then some more, NOT US, so get it right! Damnation, John, this isn't rocket science.

If your paid staff can't figure out the necessary details FAST (48 hours maximum), flog all of them, bring me in, and we'll all be happy on November 2 and beyond. Or, bring me in, I'll flog them for you, and we can all then proceed toward our well-deserved, manifest destiny win in November. Whatever it takes. You can all thank me later by meeting my demands, and my demands will be to cut poverty in the US in half during your first four years, plus implementation of international terrorism prevention through programs of development assistance for promising, emerging democratic communities. I have an almost uncanny knack for spotting them, even in the USSR remnants. Waiting until they misbehave and then bombing them is too late, again. I have a business/game plan already worked out during seven months in London and Prague this year, it's already passed first muster in London, and it will work. That's my price. Otherwise, with another Cheney/Rove/Bushie term, America is finished. If your `official' campaign staff can't figure that out, have a hard reality check with them, and bear in mind that we're all doomed otherwise. Don't be shy, but discreet is acceptable.

Listen: there's a huge difference between the moral high ground and pest control. In fact, not identifying and removing vermin is unhealthy and unsanitary. Stop being so damned nice! MOST (not all) US voters know the cut of Bush/Cheney's cloth, and if YOU're not hammering that point effectively, we/they (voters) have to conclude that there's something seriously and sufficiently deficient and deranged in your/our analysis of the current egregious and outrageous state of US affairs that spells America 2004 such that the Cheney/Bush cabal might just as well continue in the White House. What's the difference?

Are you hammering them already, or do you think you are? If so, the hammer must be a bit spongy, or maybe Styrofoam.

Alternately - and there's only one alternative, believe me - challenge Cheney for your part to demonstrate one - just ONE - bit of evidence that he has any concern whatsoever for anything or anyone in America not directly connected with looting the US treasury for his own benefit and those in his cabal. Can you think of anything? I've tried, honestly, I have. I can't think of anything, I can't find anything. The only humane, positive efforts from the current White House that I can think of - and not from Cheney, mind you - are faith-based initiatives touted by Bush. And even those aren't original , they're embedded in the Welfare Reform Act of 1996, which as I recall Clinton and Kerry both supported, and Clinton pushed over the goal line.

God knows I've tried to coach you - and nobody else, only you - against Cheney, since 2000, far in advance of where you find yourself against him now. But at least I had that suspicion and foresight. Who else? No one I ever heard of. And we both should understand by now that Cheney is a complete waste of oxygen, kept alive like a Frankenstein monster by a relentlessly reliable pacemaker.

The guys in the White House now are there for One Reason: to feed at the Public Trough. There's no more to it than that. Mon dieu, it isn't even complicated! Hammer them on that, they can't possibly prove otherwise. They can't show anything they've done that hasn't or doesn't line their own pockets and isn't in their direct personal private interests and those in their cabal. Everything else has weakened, harmed, and rotted America in only four years to the point that American citizens can barely even think straight anymore. In our heart of hearts, most Americans know it's true, but our side hasn't just come right out and said it. Make that theme our New Mantra, and play and play and play it, incessantly. It's easy, because it's so obvious. And, it's True. If we can't see it, say it, and bring it to glaring light, voters have no business voting for our side. And even so, nearly half are already going to vote for us Dems! That means they already know it's True.

What happens when Cheney/Bushites feed themselves to the point of collapse of America? Nothing, for them. Absolutely nothing. They're fat enough to breed and prosper for generations to come, and the demise of America is irrelevant for them. The rest of us are expendable pawns.

Moreover, as they trash the economy and run up lethal public debt, how do we afford to fight terrorism? Answer: we don't. We can't. We're approaching end game, and no one in the current White House has any reason to care about that, nor is there any indication that they do or should. They're okay, regardless. And our side is not sounding the alarm loudly, clearly, in the light of day for all to see and hear, when we're the only people who can possibly do it.

Hammer the @#$%& on that point alone, and you'll get more traction, poll points, and votes in the end. Trust me on this. I haven't steered you wrong yet, and I'm not about to start now.

These guys have pissed off half the world and alienated the other half, minus only those of the US populace and a very few Cabal Fellows around the world who still think the Bush cabal is a good idea. Here in Ukraine, for just one example, West-friendly Yushchenko might now lose the Ukraine presidential election because his wife has an American passport! Only three years ago, having a US passport was considered a badge of honor, an item of envy surpassing even a Ferrari or new Corvette. Now, it's an albatross for the poor guy because of the New Reputation of Bush/Cheney Incorporated's version of USA, Inc. We are now seen as a country far beneath what we were before Bushites stole the previous election - and we are coming under scrutiny and observation of the international community for the first time in history, so they can check if B/C Inc. steals another one. Well, `elections' get stolen all the time around the world, or are so laughable as to be useless in the first place. So why should we be any different in the US?

Because we were - but are no longer - THE champions of humanity and THE standard bearers of democracy. If we can't get it right, who will? And, if we Dems lack the collective wherewithal to correct the Bush cabal's takeover and destruction of the US, America has no chance to continue as a great nation. None, zero, nada, zip. We risk becoming a ragged has-been, indebted to foreign nations to the point of being crushed to second-rate status. And that's optimistic, I think. Our fat military can't protect us, because there comes a time in the court of international public opinion - which most Americans arrogantly sneer at just now - when military might and hubris are viewed as borderline or full-blown authoritarianism. How to square democracy with that? Simple. It can't be done, and everybody knows it. The more we answer conflict with military response, and of course dilute and weaken our military capability in the process, the weaker we become, not stronger. We can spend ourselves completely to death or irrelevance. Half a trillion a year for defense? That alone proves we've seriously screwed the pooch on foreign affairs and relations. What the hell are we thinking? Has anyone in DC seriously questioned why so many people want to destroy us? It isn't because we're free and democratic, it's because we've demonstrably become @#$%&.

No nation ever believes such a thing as demise or falling to second or third tier can happen to them, until it does. Then, it's too late. It always is, after the fact. Nobody is ever that smart in advance. But maybe, just maybe, this time could be the exception. I'm just telling you in advance, in the hope that it matters this time and will make a difference for us, and for all of those whom we love and care about so deeply, both at home and abroad.

We are the world's best and brightest hope, and we're fading fast.

Depending on the competence, or lack thereof, of your current campaign staff, I remain available for call-up and duty as needed, no funding required on your end except for travel costs to and fro, same as for any other US warrior. Food and shelter would be nice, but, I'll camp out if necessary and eat what I can find, not unlike the care and concern currently given to many of our current combat forces and their families, and a few tens of millions of Americans living on death's doorstep in poverty. We're brothers and sisters, after all, just with different weapons and ordnance. Our combat forces have to use metal and explosives, whereas mine are words, ideas, good will and what I hope might be Common Sense in a 2004 rendition of Tom Paine.

We'll see which are more effective, I reckon.

As I told you a little over a year ago, the Halliburton puzzle and the US economy are the two key factors to winning this election. Polls now say it's terrorism and the economy. But: with a decaying economy, crushing and misspent defense expenditures to bomb recalcitrant communities rather than supportive humane assistance for positive but struggling communities around the world (of which there are hundreds, and I'm in one now), US defense, foreign and economic policies are fundamentally misguided - unless you think of them in terms of a private cabal without regard to the best interests of US citizens or anyone else in the world outside said cabal.

That cabal has a wide spread, and America is expendable.

You've pretty much figured out the Halliburton puzzle: it is the Cheney/Bush cabal, with Halliburton being the most visible, obvious and egregious symbol. The cabal has methodically and deliberately trashed the robust Clinton economy. Know why the economy hit a downturn when Clinton was leaving office? Mainly because Clinton was leaving office, and America merely paused to see what might be coming next. Simple! We all knew what it had been before our beloved Economic Genius was elected, and we all doubted what might become of us after His departure. Now, we have our answer. Bush's so-called `plans' are specious nonsense and @#$%&. He's still running on the remaining momentum of Clinton's genius, and that momentum is not intended to endure much past the next election if the Bushites get their way. They don't care for anyone but themselves, and again I say we are ALL expendable toward their ends.

Tell THAT to Bush and Cheney. There's no way they can defend it, and it's true enough prima facie to strike a loud, broad, deep and resonant chord in the American psyche just about now. And that will get poll points and votes, in the hope that votes aren't stolen or misplaced this time around.

Diebold has apparently promised otherwise. Look out.

Nail these @#$%&, John. Hammer them, nail them, no mercy. A positive campaign has to include spraying parasites and pests when necessary, just as in any healthy household, and that's where we are now. Get me there with you to help guide things if necessary, since no one seems to be doing it so far, just get this election done and won, take my advice fast from afar or as near as you need, and we'll all be better off for it. We need you and Kerry in the White House. That is my singular focus in life at this point, because I love America, I love my fellow citizens, even most insane Republicans, I love the rest of the world, you and President Kerry do too, and the Bushites do not and cannot.

The distinction now is between evil/greed and positive/progressive. We can't get the latter without bashing the former in the teeth. It's the only thing they understand and respect, and the American public are sitting like spectators in a Roman coliseum awaiting the insight, wisdom and correct response of would-be leaders. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was...

Just get into the White House where you belong, and let's go from there. I see Kerry/Edwards through the next eight years, and Edwards/whomever (Hillary's chomping at the bit...) for another eight, so stay fit and do plenty of push-ups.

America cannot continue to exist in the bowels of the current Beast. Four more years of the current cabal means fatal US public debt and foreign policy that guarantees increased terrorism, and that's that. We wait in the crosshairs, with less and less resources to defend ourselves because they were and continue to be borrowed and then misspent on bad, fatal policy.

In the end, which can be near, it matters not at all to the Bush cabalists. They're fat and sassy in any case. For America, we end not with a bang, but a whimper, quite like the former USSR. It can happen to us, too. So it goes. I'm sure you understand.

You think we have friends in this world who won't let us sink? Think again. It all changes once credit comes due and we can't pay up, and we're now only one or two more stiff recessions from irretrievable tailspin. And Herr Greenspan has already warned that we can no longer expect to honor our social security commitments, to which all American workers have paid in good faith, and who will now be robbed. And, unfortunately, he's right, thanks to the Cheney/Bush cabal. This was not in question when Bush stole the last election, just four long years ago.

Let's make this take-no-prisoners hard-assed hard-edged clean-up and pest control attitude OUR little October surprise. God alone knows what the opposition has in store, but whatever it is, it's sure to be mean and very, very nasty. Letting through another attack would all but seal the election for them. Remember, as FDR said, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Our opponents know that, so, they supply plenty of it, to hold their position.

Keep in touch. I am with you 110%, and will come to your side quietly and discreetly, at your sole discretion, any time you want.

With best wishes,

"US expat"

Kharkov, Ukraine


Don't be afraid of us mavericks. We're not the same as loose cannons. Don't forget, it was us mavericks who created the US to begin with. No regrets, it's been a good run. You have a real chance to keep it going.

For now, just think of me as something like a Lee Atwater, without the brain disease - as far as I know. He, you, Clinton and I are all from the same neighborhood, but Atwater's dead now and long gone. Maybe there is a God.

And: ask Colin Powell to stay on as Secretary of State. He's one of the good guys. He just might accept.

Peace, love, and hard whoop-ass on the bad guys.

Yours in service, balls to the wall,




John Edwards, and by default JohnKerry, at least took most of my advice, the part of fighting, attacking, hammering the opposition. The record will show that attitude took root and started full bore around the first of October, a few days after my letter first hit Edwards' Senate office. But they lacked the courage to hammer the Bush cabal and say right out in front of God and the whole world - and especially US voters - who and what those people really are and what they're really doing. Nor did the feckless Edwards/Kerry campaign summon the good sense and insight to get me on board the campaign so I could goad, cajole, and generally irritate the living hell out of them on a daily basis. But I would have done it, because it was a Good Cause. And, we would have won. But they decided to play it cautious, safe, and be more polite, against the Dark Side. They refused to see the doom that awaited, and were just too afraid to point it out.

Unless maybe some on the Dem side are also part of the Bush cabal. It's not a strict partisan thing, after all. Anybody can go rotten and join in, red or blue.

The cause was lost. Just like I told them. But I still feel sick as hell about America's pending doom. It was a hard loss, and I don't think there's a snowball's chance in Hell that US Dems are going to figure out what went wrong. It was this: they/we failed for lack of courage to Tell The Truth to US voters. All the Truth they needed was in my letter, and I was surely not the only person to point it out one way or another. I figure I was probably more terse and succinct about it. Dems have run out of courage, our spine has collapsed from some dark strain of cowardice and cynical message calculation. How damned hard can it be to just stand up and tell the Truth, rather than tailor it a thousand different ways for how it will play to this, that or the other audience of voters on hand? God forbid, common consensus seems to be that US voters concluded that Cheney/Bush, among the lowest forms of human life, are more decent and moral than Kerry/Edwards. And all Edwards wanted, and wants, is for America to be a decent place for all Americans to live and call home sweet home. I still don't know what the hell Kerry wanted, exactly, but he's a good, decent man and one of the finest human beings ever to grace the Washington, DC cesspool. But, the Dems allowed exactly what I warned against, letting the Bush cabal twist and distort Truth beyond all recognition. If Dems had just told the Truth themselves, ALL of it, things would have worked out just fine.

Edwards went on to become head honcho at University of North Carolina's new Center for Poverty, Work and Opportunity. Good, because I personally lit a fire under his ass about poverty in the US in November 2003, while languishing stateside in Chapel Hill. So there's a nice synchronicity. He stormed out of the gate with a sudden passion and fury about poverty and One America the following month, December 2003. Passion and fury are what he lacked. His campaign suddenly caught fire, and he ended up being the only serious competition for anybody-but-Bush Kerry. So be it.

Colin Powell, the only good guy in Bush's administration, went on to resign immediately after the election. Good luck and Godspeed, Sir.

Yushchenko went on to win the Presidency in Ukraine, because that was the righteous outcome to the Orange Revolution that demanded integrity, honesty, fair play, and an end to corruption. History is witnessing the emergence of a Great Man in Viktor Yushchenko. He survived poisoning by still only God knows who (but evidence is pointing to Russian conspiracy) and a massive propaganda campaign against him at the hands of one-sided government-controlled media, to emerge victorious by way of the hearts and minds of millions of Ukrainians who had the innate good sense and courage to know, and stand up for, right versus wrong, Truth versus lies, integrity versus corruption. Yushchenko had the courage to stand up in front of God and the whole world and tell the Truth. If US Dems had the same courage and moral compass, US history would have gone a very different course. Now, the US will be lucky to survive the Bush cabal, and a very decent man in Viktor Yushchenko will have to deal with men in US power who are just as bad and ruthless as the opponents he just displaced in Ukraine. Possibly Yushchenko will rub off on Bushites and somehow, to some degree, set them somewhat straight. It would be a bona fide miracle.

I went on to get back to Ukraine in time for their Presidential election, which as I told a British friend in London one year ago had a real chance of turning into a revolution. I knew this baby from the inside out, via ways and means just too dark, vile and complicated to go into here. That's another story. The revolution unfolded magnificently. Ukraine's Orange Revolution stood in stark contrast to America's malaise and pending doom. Millions of people - people, ordinary citizens! - in a country of 48 million stood or camped in freezing weather for 19 days to refuse a stolen, rigged election, to insist that their voices, their votes, their will, be heard and recognized. Ukrainians got it right, at least enough to be headed full speed in the right direction in something near to real democracy. I have an uncanny knack for spotting these things, after all. I never even considered Iraq, and still don't, where people are dropping as often as shrapnel in the midst of war they didn't want, over democracy they don't really want, that all happened as a result of Cheney/Bush Inc. lying through their teeth about reasons for doing it to begin with. They finally came up with democracy as the real reason, when all other lies had failed.

Is it possible to impeach an entire administration for lying to Congress and the American people? That could be America's last-ditch saving grace.

The phrase "Nader Factor" went on to become a buzz phrase in print media, and therefore easier to marginalize and dismiss - along with Nader's campaign for truth, honesty, and integrity in US politics. He's a heretic, of course.

Hunter S. Thompson, who had to be mentioned in the opening salvo of the letter in order to set the only possible context for any intelligent assessment of the 2004 election season, went on to check out entirely on February 20, 2005. I know the feeling. America has become too mildewed, dank, dark and foul to contain HST any longer. At some point, enough had to be enough, and I figure he knew better than anyone just when that time had arrived.

Somehow, I'm thinking of a canary in a coal mine.