Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hallman continues to stalk his critics

Terry Hallman, a US Citizen and illegal immigrant hiding out in in Kharkov Ukraine has stalked his critics and has published confidential private details of Jacob Smith including the name and address of Jacob Smith's wife.

Jacob Smith, who's wife is Ukrainian, participates in various` public discussion forums on Ukraine.

Jacob Smith became suspicious of Mr Hallman's activities back in 2006 alerted the publishers of for-ua news service who having investigated numerous specious claims by Mr Hallman removed various posts and articles published by Mr Hallman on their web site.

Mr Hallman is a self appointed Human Rights activist from North Carolina USA, illegally living in Kharkov Ukraine. His Company "People Centered Economic Development" has no legally registered address, office and or assets in Ukraine. Mr Hallman has been expelled from both Russia and the UK where his company by the same name was de-registered.

Mr Hallman claims he is actively involved in economic programmes to assist Ukrainian Orphans. Due diligence reviews have raised numerous questions and doubts as to his project involvements and claims of success.

All information that is available on the Internet was as a result of self promotion by Mr Hallman's associate and business partner UK citizen Jeff Mowatt or Mr Hallman himself, including various posting on Wikipedia. Mr Hallman when requested failed to provide referees who can independently verify his claims of being a successful and legitimate businessman. Mr Hallman was unable to provide the names and address of one single Orphanage or agency he is associated with. He has claimed he is associated with USAid even though USAid in Ukraine denies any association or involvement with Mr Hallman or his Company.

Terry Hallman's attacks and acts of intimidation against his detractors is a common occurrence.

Mr Hallman, who publishes under the anonymity of US Expat, has previously made similar attacks of harassment and intimidation against those who have rightly challenged his assertions and credibility.

Mr Hallman published comments and publication of Jacob Smith's private contact details have been removed following numerous complaints of harassment and intimidation to the For-ua moderators. Although his actions are in direct breach of the forum rules Mr Hallman has not been banned from participating although others who have committed lessor offenses have.

No one is safe from Mr Hallman's the abuse and personal attacks

Mr Hallman published the following comments (along with details of Jacob Smith's address and private telephone number) which have since been removed

Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3324
Date: August 2, 2009 08:14AM

(Image depicting Jacob Smith and his wife's name and address omitted - PCED Review)

"Does DHS know you're in the game of hiding child abuse? FBI? Your wife Yulia? Anyone stateside?

Surely Yuliya doesn't yet know. She's Ukrainian. What sort of Ukrainian immigrant to the US would be in a league with a husband in the game of hiding child abuse in Ukraine? "
His posts having been removed Mr Hallman then gloated about his intent and published the following comment in reply

Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3335

It ran two days as intended. It drew in a possibly innocent bystander, Jacob's wife, so I don't think it's fair to leave the information posted. I can't justify harming an innocent person along the way of trying to help other innocent people -- children or adults. The ends can't justify that means.

Last edit at 08/04/09 10:55AM by US expat.

No mention of the harm and damage he has caused by falsely accusing Ukrainian and International Child Welfare worker's of being involved in a conspiracy of genocide and mass murder of children in Ukrainian Orphanages. Claims that were designed to attract media attention in order to promote Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's business activities in Ukraine. Little wonder why no legitimate organisation wants to be associated with him.