Sunday, August 09, 2009

Terry Hallman's abuse escapes moderation

Terry Hallman's recent tirade of abuse is true to form. His attack on Jacob Smith and the publication of Jacob Smith's private personal details demonstrates Mr Hallman's unprofessional character.

It was similar attacks against those that dare raise criticism of Mr Hallman that lead to the creation of this Internet log on Mr Hallman himself. The more we looked into Mr Hallman's past the more questions and doubts were raised.

Mr Hallman is a self proclaimed "Civil Rights" activist who is illegally operating in Ukraine. His company "People Centered Economic Development" (PCED) consists of Mr Hallman, A computer and an Internet connection and a $300 a month flat in Kharkov Ukraine. He is funded by his associate and business partner Jeff Mowatt from the UK.

Terry Hallman is quick to attack his detractors and critics by falsely accusing them of working against the needs and interests of Ukraine's disadvantage.

The more we delved into Mr Hallman's activities the more unsubstantiated claims we discovered. Mr Hallman has claimed that he is actively involved in economic development and work with Ukrainian Orphanages.

In spite Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's claims to be working with Ukrainian Orphanages they have failed to provide the names of orphanages or any independent referees who can substantiate his involvement. in fact in all cases where he has claimed to be involved the only references we found were comments initiated or published on the Internet by Mr Hallman himself. A lone operator working outside the system and the laws of Ukraine.

Mr Hallman has claimed he is a close associate of US President Bill Clinton and he was a pioneer of micro financing economics even though there is no other recognition of this statement other then what Mr Hallman and his associates have published (Jeff Mowatt even going so far as writing himself in to the history books by publishing unsubstantiated self promotional reports on Wikipedia - something that is prohibited by the terms of the Wikipedia foundation.

Mr Hallman's ongoing abuse of his critics has extended to a campaign of further abuse and attacks against free speech and Ukraine's English language media. (Mr Hallman has been living in Ukraine since 2002 and still can not speak Ukrainian) Mr Hallman, who is a US citizen and not Ukrainian, is actively involved in political pursuits in Ukraine. He is a English editor of Maidian Web site, the voice of Pora Ukraine's political youth party. His abusive attacks, backed up by his associates, have brought into disrepute, caused the closure of Pravda English web, compromised Wikipedia and now he and his partner are engaged in a smear campaign and attack on KyivPost. Mr Hallman displays the symptoms of a severe case of narcissism and other psychological problems associated with substance abuse and an overinflated sence of self impotantance.

The publication of Jacob Smith and others private contact details and address is a direct attempt of intimidation and abuse.

Mr Hallman's recent attack on Jacob Smith is promoted by lies and further false claims of victimisation.

Jacob Smith's pleas for fair and just moderation of the web Mr Hallman's playground has fallen on selective death ears.

Mr Hallman's attack on Jacob Smith was unprovoked and uncalled for.

Peter Crosby, the moderator of the web site, has shown a consistent bias in his moderation. He has never once held Mr Hallman or Mr Mowatt to account for their abuse of other participants. Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt, it would appear, has absolute immunity where as others who do not share the same political point of view of the online forum moderators have been subjected to ongoing abuse and harassment in an attempt to prevent their participation in the public debate.

When they failed to silence their critics they were banned by the moderators who have been very selective in who they impose a censorship ban and who they permit to stay. All claim to be advocates of a fee media and free speech.