Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Terry Hallman expelled from two countries (Russia and the United Kingdom)

Terry Hallman has been excluded now from two countries (Russia and the UK)

As an American citizen it is hard to be excluded from the UK.

Jeff Mowatt states:

Source:http://www.publiuspundit.com/?p=444 (post10)

Terry Hallman is very much an American from Chapel
Hill in North Carolina. He was also living in Simferopol where I first met him
in 2002. He came to London UK and was my guest here from January to March 2004
where we began the P-CED economic development plan for Ukraine exactly a year
ago. Terry was refused re-entry to the UK in March 2004 on the grounds of his
own economic status in spite of my declaration of support ...

Mr Hallman was also expelled from Russia

Question: Did Terry Hallman declare hsi expulsiuon from teh UK and Russia when he applied for a business visa to Ukraine?