Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hallman seeking verification of experts evidence

In an extraordinary tale of "do as I say not what I do" US Citizen Terry Hallman, who is illegally living in Ukraine pretending to be an "expert and director of a successful international economic development " company operating in Ukraine, has questioned the credentials of political experts in Ukraine.

We have been asking the same question of Mr Hallman and his partner Jeff Mowatt in relation to independent referees to their claimed business success, associations and involvement but have had no response other then lies, abuse and avoidance.  A letter from Bill Clinton, who Hallman claims is a close associate, would be a start?

Well Mr Hallman now is your chance to come clean and admit what all who know you already know.

Extract of blog comments:

Experts generally agree that a presidential system is worse than a parliamentary one, but they also agree that a mixed presidential-parliamentary system such as Ukraine’s is by far the worst.

Which experts? Who, exactly?
Is there a need for experts to be depicted?

Yes. It is incumbent upon the author claiming the existence of alleged experts to identify them. Otherwise, it's merely "they" who said something. That tactic is a combination of logical fallacies:

1 - begging the question: the conclusion is true because the conclusion is true, therefore the conclusion is true.

2 - straw man argument: stating postulate as fact without proof of the fact, then challenging refutation of the unproven postulate masquerading per the author's design as "fact."

Moreover, the author's claim in that regard isn't aimed only at Ukraine. It's aimed at every presidential/parliamentary government in the world. For such an audacious claim, surely he should be able to provide some evidence more than unnamed "they" said so.