Thursday, August 13, 2009

Terry Hallman - Economic Migrant banned from entering the UK

Terry Hallman has been banned from entering two countries. He first visited Russia in 1998 on a wife hunting expedition (he is still looking). He was later told to leave Russia and has been denied entry every since.

In 2002 he met up with his business associate and partner Jeff Mowatt who invited Terry Hallman to visit the UK. On trying to re-enter the UK after a fling in the Prague both Terry Hallman and Jeff Mowatt were arrested and detained in Calais with Terry Hallman a US Citizen being declared an economic migrant and denied entry into the UK.

Terry Hallman has since been hiding out in Ukraine. Terry has been "working" in Ukraine without a visa or permission to work in Ukraine. His latest "Business" visa was issued in Moldova where he had presented documents by his own "company" inviting himself to visit Ukraine. (Something that is expressly forbidden under Ukraine immigration guidelines). Ukraine has since tightened up on its visa requirements and Terry Hallman would soon have to leave Ukraine at which time if he reenters Ukraine again his documentation will be checked for conformity with Ukraine's immigration laws.

Jeff Mowatt wrote on his blog the following

I'd invited Terry to the UK where we begun developing a new strategy paper. We visited Prague with a view to setting up an operation there. On return with several weeks left on his leave to enter and me a UK subject we we detained by immigration at Calais who had concluded that Terry was an economic migrant and no longer welcome. We were both removed from immigation (sic) in the back of a French police van, held in a cell while papers were checked and released, for me to find a taxi and ferry home.