Sunday, May 24, 2009

Terry Hallman (Alias US Expat) accuses Kharkiv OVIR of Corruption

Terry Hallman, a US Citizen who has been hiding out in Kharkiv, Ukraine, has run foul of the Ukrainian Immigration Laws.

Changes to Ukraine's immigration regulations limit US citizens to stays of 90 days at any one time.

Mr Hallman, who runs a shame Economic Development Company, has accused the Kharkiv OVIR Immigration office of corruption. Hallman also claims that the tougher regulation will limit foreign investment. Hallman's company People Centred Economic Development has not assets, has no registered office. It's what is referred to as a NINJA company. No Income, No Jobs. - It certainly is not a economic development company

Hallman, who has a drinking problem, lives in a limited budget provided by his partner in crime Jeff Mowatt and can not afford to leave Ukraine every three months let alone live abroad. He has already been banned from staying in Russia and the UK.

His life of deceit and cheap living in Ukraine is threatened as the new regulations will most likely catch him out and his stay in Ukraine will no doubt come to an abrupt end soon.

It is unlikely that the US embassy will assist as any investigation onto the activities of Mr Hallman's company will be more of an embarrassment to the US government.

Mr Hallman's allegations of corruption can not be taken seriously either as Mr Hallman is renowned to exaggerate such claims.

The Kharkiv Office will not look too kindly on Hallman's accusations and they will most likely ensure that the rule of Ukrainian law will soon put an end to Hallman's illegal stay on Ukraine.