Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jeff Mowatt - NINJA Exec exposed pumping Wikipedia

Jeff Mowatt, Executive Director of People Centred Economic Development has been caught red handed pumping the pages of Wikipedia in order to promote his NINJA (No Income NO Job or Assets) company in Ukraine

As part of their strategy of self promotion Mr Mowatt has decided to add his own NINJA company to the Wikipedia listings to self promote and pump the Internet.

Self promotion is prohibited by Wikipedia's guidelines BUT this has not stopped Jeff Mowatt from trying to have his company listed as a "successful" economic development enterprise listing his Business Partner Terry Hallman as a "Pioneer of People Centred Economics" a brand of "Not for profit" or as Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt refer to themselves as "profit for poverty". A way of promoting yourself as a charity when you are not a charity thus to avoiding the rules and regulations that would otherwise govern a charitable organisations.

It is actions like Mr Mowatt's promotion this that brings Wikipedia into disrepute.

The inclusion and reference in Wikipedia would
give them some prestige and recognition.would no doubt also be used to try and give some form of credibility and legitimacy to Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's specious claims of managing a successful development company in Ukraine and Russia.

Wikipedia have been altered of this scam and breach of their guidelines and a request has been made to have Mr Mowatt's self promotion removed.

Wikipedia is also open to liability should it allow Mr Mowatt's listings to remain published as it would be liable for not having undertaken any due diligence checks of the publish claims made by Mr Mowatt about the success of their company, particularly given that they had been altered about the beaches of their own policy .

Recent changes to Ukraine's immigration laws and business visa requirements will hopefully make it more difficult for foreign companies such as Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman's to operate in Ukraine. Ukraine will now require more information and have the means of better monitoring the activates of foreign investors and business men operating in Ukraine to ensure that their activities are legitimate and in full compliance with Ukrainian laws.

A review of People Centred Economic Development has shown that they have no registered office, no substantial or recorded income, no jobs or no assets in Ukraine. They are a virtual company. Not one of the claimed successes as documented in this blog could be independently verified.

Mr Hallman, a previously registered company director in the UK, was expelled from Russia and the UK.

The only references available are derived from postings made by Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman themselves. No doubt they were looking to use Wikipedia to add to their claims as being a successful "International Corporation executives"