Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another testament of doubt

Tomas Martinez, from Florida USA, has joined the forces of the many who have come to question and doubt the claims made by Mr Hallman. Martinez met Hallman back in 2006 and well needless to say he was not impressed. No one who meets him is.

In a recent post on For-UA Martinez raised the same concerns that many have done so before him.  He joins a list which includes ProHuman, Free Speech, Green Tea, Klappa and a host of others.  All have noticed that Hallman's claims just do not scrub up.

Re: it is time to say goodbye
Posted by: Tom (IP Logged) • Posts: 15494
Date: November 20, 2009 03:04PM

Tom, you and Gene aren't here in Ukraine. You rarely even visit. You barely know what you're talking about most of the time. Neither of you have any real commitments to, or investment in, Ukraine.

Because you live in Ukraine makes you more of an authority on Ukraine?
Tell us about your (Hallman's) accomplishments in Ukraine with children that's been documented in the media showing that you were involved. We don't want to hear about it, we want to see documented facts.

I've known you since 2003, and have never ever questioned your authority on children. But at the same time, I've never seen any solid facts of your work with them. I know many others in this forum have thought of the same, but were afraid to question you.

The only one that called you out was Klappa. (Not true many others before him were not so blind as to see the facts which speak for them self - ed.) Seeming you say I know absolutely nothing about Ukraine, and shouldn't be involved in Ukraine, then show us about what you so much talk about. I'm not going to be another Klappa and hound you about this, because half the crap you talk about I don't believe. We've met personally and recall how paranoid you were around people you didn't know, and so did others. But don't' worry or get paranoid about me because what you have to offer to this forum like myself in this any other forum is limited because we're not Ukrainians. You're absolutely correct.
I'm not going to bother debating with you. I gave up the hippie days long time ago. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time on you reply.
It's time to get out of your padded room. I won't reply.

Posted by: US Expat (Alias Terry Hallman) (IP Logged) • Posts: 3707
Date: November 21, 2009 12:28AM
Posted by: US expat (IP Logged) • Posts: 3707
Date: November 21, 2009 12:28AM

I've known you since 2003

You didn't know me then. We first crossed paths, here, in '06. Just to keep facts straight.

Regarding what I do for children, let me put it this way. If you needed to know, you'd know. Please try and understand that you're not in a need-to-know position.  

(Exactly what do you do to children Mr Hallman. What orphanages do you have a close relationship with?   And how is it that not one of your claims of success or business in Ukraine can be independently verified?  When asked to provide references you attack them and refuse to answer what is a valid and reasonable request -ed)

It would appear that no one is in a need to know situration when it comes to Hallman.

Due diligence is advised in any dealings with him.