Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update: Wikipedia removes Mowatt's self-promotion publication citing it as not notable.

Wikipedia having undertaken a review of Jeff Mowatt's self-promotion of  his virtual Internet business has removed posts submitted by Mr Mowatt trying to write his company -P-CED into the record books.

Jeff Mowatt had previously published on Wikipedia self-sourced commentary/promotion of his company.

Wikipedia like many others reviewed the sources of the claims being made and came to the same conclusion as others that the content could not be verified and did not meet Wikipedia's criteria of being notable

Jeff Mowatt and his partner Terry Hallman have been pumping then internet and then claiming that the publications are testament to their success.   Thankfully in this case Jeff Mowatt and Terry Hallman have once again been caught out. Due Diligence is advised.

People-Centered Economic Development

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Self-sourced non-notable, only here because editors have been jamming in unrelated term searches.
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