Monday, March 26, 2007

Terry Hallman makes false claims to draw attention to himslef.

Terry Hallman (Alias US Expat) has made extraordinary unsubstaciated claims that he has information and knowledge of a assassination plot against Yulia Tymoshenko. (Comments published on

Those who have met him would be asking themselves has he been drinking too much Vodka again or taking illegal substances.

This is not the first time Mr Hallman has made false unsupported sensational allegations in order to draw attention to himself.

He also made false unsupported claims that Ukrainian orphanages were "Death Camps for Children" and that Ukraine was engaged in the deliberate act of mass murder and genocide of children.

He claimed that he also was poisoned by the Russian SBU and that he is a successful director of an international economic development company. And even claimed a tragic tale about his wife "Olga" (He is not married and his ex American wife is not called Olga). All false, lies and unsubstantiated allegations.

Mr Hallman's displays acts of delusion and signs of narcissism (An excessive preoccupation with one’s own personal importance, prone to making false statements and exaggeration to draw attention to themselves) combined with excessive consumption of alcohol and drug abuse.

Ukraine's Internal Affairs, Interpol and the US Embassy most certainly should investiagte Mr Hallman and his business involments and associtaions in Ukraine.