Friday, August 10, 2007

Send in the Marshals'

Jeff and Terry's 1.5 Billion dollar con

The boys are at it again.

This time they have re-invented their failed "Death Camp for Children" con and have re-badged the same scheme this time called the "Marshal Plan"

Microeconomic Development and Social Enterprise in Ukraine: A “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine - Part one"
Microeconomic Development and Social Enterprise in Ukraine: A “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine - Part two"

The amount of money they want is a trivial 1.5 Billion dollars to fund their high risk WiMax/WiFi venture.

As one of the reviews of their previous scheme said the figures do not match up.

To begin with they have overestimated the current cost of Internet services in Ukraine at around US$150 per month. Which is more then twice the going rate and the costs are dropping there for the claims profits just are not there. for example offer a Nationwide remote mobile service for around 10 kopek per megabyte and UMC is offering a 5 kopec per megabyte service.

The cost of back-haul traffic has not been taken into consideration as is the ongoing need to establish and replenish teh technology as it changes.

No proper professional assessment has been made of the competition

Terry and his mate Jeff want to have the US government invest 1.5 Billion dollars on the pretence that the profits from this scam will help fund the needs of Ukrainian Orphanages. 1.5 Billion would generate a healthy 150 Million plus dollars a year plus in interest rates alone. Which is far from the profit that Terry and Jeff claim exist in their gold mine money tree. Who knows how much will be skimmed off the top before the orphans manage to see any real benefit (if there is in fact any benefit.

One of the biggest issues Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt have is their company and their bogus claims of past successes. None of which can be independently verified.

Nothing in the current project`revision address the issue of lack of corporate scrutiny, accountability and professional management. The claims made by Terry Hallman and Jeff Mowatt are unsubstantiated. Mr Hallman and Mr Mowat continue to make false claims and false allegations. Anyone who dares challenges of question Mr Hallman and Mowatt's claims are subjected to abuse, insults and more abuse.

Mr Hallam claims his company has been responsible for government initiatives recently adopted The Marshal Plan. Far from it. An investigation into Mr Hallmans company shows that the company is illegally registered and Mr Hallman and Mowat have no registered offices based in Ukraine or records in the Ukrainian tax office. A complaint has been lodges and it is understood that the Ukrainian tax officials are investigating P-CED.

Nothing has changed except the price of the con has increased and the name has changed. It is unknown if the publishers of this scam have unwittingly been part of teh deception or if they are in fact deliberately promoting the scam.