Monday, April 28, 2008

Terry drunken stupor fires off more abuse backed by lies and deceit

Mt Hallman appears to be at it again pumping the Internet with his extreme acts of delusion.(Classic symptoms of an alcoholic suffering) Hidden always in this statement are some truths and fueled with many lies.

Jeff Mowatt and Terry Hallman are self appointed human rights vigilantes (Hallman is a reject from the US Peace Corps). They are trying to build a reputation for themselves. Hallman lives in Kharkiv Ukraine, 89 Moscovsky prospect (he is not registered with the OVIR), on an allowance of 350$ a month supplied by Jeff Mowatt., They run a shame company called People-Centred Economic development. It is illegally set up in Ukraine. Both Mowatt and Hallman pump the internet with sensational lies (Like Ukrainian Orphanges being Death Camps for Children and Officals are engaged in a deliberate policy of genocide and mass murder of unwanted children

Hallman is now trying to revive the Kharkiv spare parts from baby's story, with the help of his partnetr Jeff Mowatt, to help make a name for himself . This time he is linking it to Hitler Dolls amnd human skin.

The Kharkov hospital incidence he refers to is very much a lie and most certainly does not stand up to proper scrutiny. It is one of those urban myth like a guy going out for the night, meeting a girl=, getting lucky and going home for passionate night cap only to wake up in a bath backed in ice and a mobile phone placed next to a not which reads "Call the emergency number - your kidneys are missing". The Khariv story is based on false facts as many Hallman's unfounded claims are. Thankfully his name and address have been reported to the authorities. What is true is that Hallman has no money or investments. His company is a scam, but as his partner Jeff Mowatt has indicated he is working hard to con money out of the welfare sector to help fund his retirement.

Nestor, a neo Fascist living in the USA, gives him a serve for his money.

Re: Hitler dolls on sale in Ukraine
Date: April 28, 2008 12:33AM

If they're Hitler's hairs, some of those hairs will have workable quantities of DNA. Look out. And, watch for human skin to rocket in value on the commodities market.

Nostalgia, longing for the good ol' days, when the Nazis were the good guys compared to the Soviets, and Ukrainians had only those two choices. In that aftermath, I seriously doubt that Maternity Hospital Number Six in Kharkiv thought they were doing anything wrong. Those folks are roaming the streets, considered entirely normal in local context. Dr. Jekyll and Jack the Ripper.

As a literary aside, Dickens warned of ignoring a neglected girl and boy named Ignorance and Want ('A Christmas Carol: Ghost of Christmas Present') I met Ignorance in Tomsk. His name was Dmitri, a street child, nine years old. I brought him help, but he died during winter before I returned. I met Want in Crimea, at my front door, and raised Hell about it in Kyiv Post five years ago.

Kharkiv, now. Babies get minced up at birth and parts get sold on the world market. They're not neglected, with a vengeance, but that's not what Dickens had in mind. I do not believe that most people here immediately see anything problematic about that enough to bother with it. Slaughter is as much a part of life and history as vodka and borscht. In this context, Mafia hardly stands out any more than air and water. Ukraine is showing progress especially among young folks, but this place is just as insane as anyone can imagine if you allow that chopping up babies and selling the pulp is, somehow, repugnant. If such a thing needs to be explained, there's no point in trying. It needs explaining to more people than not.

Hitler dolls appearing in Kyiv? Now you've got a little more context in a modern mode.

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Re: Hitler dolls on sale in Ukraine
Posted by: Nestor
Date: April 28, 2008 12:36AM

Then maybe its time for you to get the hell out of such a monstrous, Nazi country Expat. Go make your money off someone else's misery wacko.

"Дякую Тобі, Боже, .......... Що Я Не Москаль!!!!"

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Re: Hitler dolls on sale in Ukraine
Posted by: Jeff Mowatt (IP Logged) • Posts: 1289
Date: April 28, 2008 08:20AM

No money being made I can assure you, but everything spent goes toward bringing more funds in.