Monday, September 06, 2010

Hallman falls foul of the law

Terry Hallman, illegal immigrant and tax avoider has come under scrutiny and review by Ukrainian authorities.

Hallman has been living in Ukraine illegally and ill soon be caught out when he is forced to leave the country.  He has already been expelled from two other countries (Russia and the UK).  He claims he is a "business man" yet investigations have revealed that he has no office, no investments and no assets. His "business" People Centered Economic Development" is a to big company in name alone. No tax records exist. The Ukrainian authorities have decided to keep a watching brief on him.  No doubt  when Hallman is expelled he will claim he is a victim of corruption and that Ukraine is trying to silence him.  The fact is he is nothing but a boomsh and a self appointed "activist".  It far from the truth.  Even his own family have disowned him as was revelled in a recent comment left on this site.


Kharkov tax cops invited me to spend $6500 at once or go to jail. Moskovsky district.

uck you" is evidently a commonly understood foreign language phrase.

Gagarina metro cops soon after invited me to leave an outdoor cafe and go with them, for free! "No, thank you" was my reply.