Monday, September 06, 2010

Terry's ashamed aunt from North Carolina

Terry's ashamed aunt from North Carolina says:

Well, well, well Terry. What have you done now? Looks to me like the Ukraine doesn’t want you son. And no, Terry never knew Former President Bill Clinton. He’ll say something like “how do YOU know?” Well, I’m your aunt and I know. You don’t know anyone of any importance in the United States except your family and we’re just plain country folk, just like YOU. Just average, ordinary, middle class working people.

What is wrong with Terry you all is that he’s extremely smart BUT he doesn’t use his brain for GOOD. Like a master jewel thief. VERY good at what he does but that doesn’t make it RIGHT.

Someone said before that Terry is paranoid. I believe that may be the case. He IS frightening, even to us, his family. He calls his 79 year old mother, a perfect Christian woman, yelling at her to send him money for one thing or another. All lies we’ve learned. He called his baby sister, who ADORED their father on the day of his death and begun telling her how HAPPY he was that their father was dead. She disowned him that day. He gave his father a penny on his and his mother’s 50th anniversary and said,”Here. This is all I have and it’s all you’re worth to me.”

This is how he treats his own flesh and blood. Why would you ever think he would care about helping anyone else? He is a con man and a liar. He wouldn’t WORK in a pie factory tasting pies. As a matter of fact, as long as he’s been alive, nearly 59 years now, I don’t think he’s held down a job for more than a few consecutive weeks, and THEN only to get enough money to return to your lovely country.

Well God bless you all and for your own sakes, just disregard any of his rants and raves and craziness. He’s, as his family says, the stupidest smart person on earth.